UPDATE: Somerville Public Schools will be closed tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 10

SNOW UPDATE: With over 60 inches of snow falling in just two weeks, today’s snowfall will present unique challenges to both the City and residents. Crews have been out in maximum force, but
like every city in the area right now, the challenges presented by 60+ inches of snow are far greater than normal. There is not enough room to completely push snow off many narrow side streets and not enough capac…ity in any local city to haul the record-setting snow we’ve received in as little time as we have had between storms. Thus many side streets are not plowed to the curb. We are prioritizing creating safe passage first. Parking comes after that. We may have to get creative with this one, so please stay tuned for further announcements.

As Mayor Curtatone noted in his message to residents and as Mayor Walsh noted to Boston residents, we need everyone to do what they can as we clean up from this historic snowfall. That’s why we’ve put out a call to residents to share driveways and why additional parking was opened up. We need the community to understand the extraordinary circumstances and do their part, whether that’s helping a neighbor, staying off the roads, sharing a driveway, parking at a friend’s, or shoveling their walks. We appreciate the effort so many of you have already put in and thank you for your continued patience and cooperation.

We will keep updating you as new information becomes available or conditions change. Please check the City’s website, http://www.somervillema.gov, and social media feeds for updates.

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