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Am I writing about snow again? Is this 1978 or something?

I remember years where we had lots of snow every Winter. Then nothing, for a year or two in a row. Then I’m not sure if I stopped paying attention or not, but I don’t recall any significant snow, other than the April Fools blizzard of 1997. That was a little insane.

So every year, I laugh that we won’t get any decent snow – we just don’t anymore. I must sound like I am in my 80s with all my stories of snowstorms. Driving like a lunatic – sliding all over the road with my car stuffed full of girls in high school. Walking to Star Market at Twin City Plaza to go to work in the snow because the buses weren’t running. Grabbing two shovels and my friend George when we were 12-13 years old and walking up and down Madison and Montrose Streets – helping, for a fee of course, to shovel their sidewalks or cleaning off their cars. We would be out for 10-12 hours and make a killing.

Those were the days. Funny how I don’t remember any snow prior to the Blizzard of ’78, but I remember Winter being robust for a number of years after that. Then, as I mentioned earlier, everything snow-related changed sometime around 1990 and was never really the same, save for that anomaly in 1997.

Well that all changed this year, didn’t it? Gone are the days of the meteorologists that moonlight as comedians. Gone are the days of the “storm that wasn’t” and the ridicule that would come after the usual overreaction. Here today are the massive amounts of overtime plowing the bright white stuff. And no sleep, of course.

Well the glory days will be gone too. Not that I am the beacon of fiscal responsibility, but, snow budgets are blown. Blown bad. Snow days for schools gone. It’s going to be painful at the end of the fiscal year, believe it. End of the school year too, and that could end up being even more problematic for reasons that are far too nerdy for this simple little column.

All I can say is that I don’t mind the snow as much as I probably should, as long as I don’t have to shovel it. I can drive in it no problem and even though with my work I need to trudge through snow almost every day, it’s a journey that lasts a grand total of 10-15 minutes a pop, maybe a couple of times a day. Certainly not as painful as having a job that requires me to be outside all day. Every day.

So be careful out there – if you need help shoveling, then call someone or go onto Facebook and ask for help. It can sometimes work out – it did for my sister in law earlier today. Just don’t put yourself in a dangerous health situation and be prepared for the next round of snow later on this week. Don’t blame me, I am just a humble messenger. #GMK

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