Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Arrested for Carrying a 12″ Knife


Matias-Mendoza arrest age 29

On the evening of Saturday, January 10, 2015, while in uniform, I Officer Lorenti was assigned to marked unit East 1, along with Officer J Costa. At approximately 11:10 pm we were
dispatched, along with Officer Schneider, (East-4), to the comer of Franklin Street and Broadway for the report of a male wearing a black vest with a grey shirt, along with a grey hat showing a knife.

Upon arrival, we were met by a male who from now on will be known as the witness. The witness stated that while he was waiting for his wife, in his vehicle, at the corner of Broadway and Franklin Street, he observed a short Hispanic male wearing a black vest with a grey hat walking on the sidewalk steering at him. The witness began to look at the Hispanic male, and at that point, the Hispanic male began to exchange words with him. The Hispanic male then began to walk up to the passenger side of the witness’ vehicle and began to unzip his jacket, and at that point the witness drove away fearing that the Hispanic male had a gun. As the witness was driving away, he could see the Hispanic male raise up his right hand and gave him what looked to be gang hand signs. The witness then observed that male had a big knife in his hand and was banging it on a bench, and that he continued to walk down Broadway.

Officer Costa, Officer Schneider, and I searched the area for the Hispanic male. Officer Schneider then located the Hispanic male at 187 Broadway. I along with Officer J Costa then met up with Officer Schneider who was speaking with a Hispanic male, later identified as, Alfred a Mendoza who matched the description given. Officer Costa then asked Mr. Mendoza in Spanish, if he had any weapons on him. Mr. Mendoza who was intoxicated, stated to him “Yes”. For officer safety reasons, a pat frisk of Mr. Mendoza was conducted, a large knife, with approximately a 12 inch blade, was found on his person in the front of his stomach area, which was covered by his jacket. When asked why he was carrying such a large knife, Mr. Mendoza went on to say it was for protection.

Mr. Mendoza was taken into custody without any incident. He was transported to Somerville Police Headquarters by Officer, Katie Mcdade, in marked unit #200 and booked by Sergeant Ward. He was charged with Chapter 9, S-96, vco possession of dangerous weapon. Somerville’s city ordnance states that nobody can carry a knife on his person with a blade more than 2.5 inches.

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