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Andrade arrest

On December 4, 2014, I, Officer Gravin Guillen, was in full uniform assigned to marked unit E-4. At approximately 17:14, I was dispatched to the intersection of Wheatland and Mystic Ave(Both Public Ways in the City Of Somerville) for a stabbing that occurred and that a male party was injured.

While driving down Wheatland St, I saw to my left two individuals waving their arms frantically to get my attention. I pulled the cruiser over and ran towards them and noticed a male laying motionless on the floor on his stomach. Upon observing the victim, there was a lot of blood on his back on leading all the way down his jeans and down his legs. I searched for the stab wound although it was difficult to find due to all the blood and clothing. I was able to locate the wound which was on his back located on the lumbar curve portion very close to the Erector Spinae in the lower section. I used my portable medical kit that was department issued to start dressing the wound and applying pressure. Blood was still escaping and used more gauze to try and stop the bleeding. I advised control that they needed to step up EMS.

The wound was big in nature ranging from the length being 3 to 4 inches and the width ranging 2 to 3 inches. There was a large opening and tissue and bone was visible. Shortly after, E-3 operated by Ofc. Monaco and E-1 operated by Ofc. Anderson arrived. Ofc. Monaco assisted in helping me get more gauze to apply to the wound. Ofc. Anderson and Ofc. Nevin secured the scene by using yellow police caution tape. Fire arrived on scene as well as Cataldo. The black male, later identified as Jose Escobar, was transported to MGH via Cataldo. Detectives Holland and Costa arrived to gather more Intel and to talk to the two witnesses. Upon further investigation, this whole incident started at Derby St. There were identifiable items and DNA at Derby and Wheatland to support this statement.

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