Lifelong Somerville resident Mike Terrio could be hours away from a second chance at life.

Michael’s Story:
Michael Terrio, is in need of a double lung transplant. In 2007 he was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. The only cure for this disease is a lung transplant. At the time of his diagnosis he was told he had three years to live. Since that time he has been working toward his goal of getting new lungs.
He is now living on borrowed time. After years of getting his body ready, his doctors have finally told him he is ready for the next step. Michael will be going to Pittsburgh (where the transplant will eventually take place) in December to undergo one week of testing and preparation for the transplant. After that he will be placed on the transplant list and he will have to relocate to Pittsburgh to await a suitable donor. He will then have to stay in Pittsburgh for an extended period of time after the operation. This will create an extreme financial hardship. Mike needs our help.

UPDATE From Michae’s daughter April 11/14/14: Well, folks, it looks like Dad is finally going to get his new lungs!!! Dad got the call at 4am this morning that they had a donor and he needed to get to the hospital ASAP. He sat patiently with his niece, Kate and grandnephew, Colton while the surgeons harvested, examined and tested the donor lungs for viability and compatibility. He got word at 11am that they are a match and they are running one more test that will take 2 hours. Halfway through the test they will take my dad to be prepped for surgery. Please keep him in your thoughts on this momentous and nerve-wracking day. I would also like everyone to keep the family of the donor, who was only 18 yrs old, in their thoughts.
We are once again asking for financial help on this last leg of Dad’s journey. Even though he will be in the hospital for a lengthy amount of time, it is still required that his caretaker stay in the Pittsburgh area. They have been staying at the Neville Family House in Pittsburgh, and although it is meant to be a low cost place to stay for medical patients and their families, the rent is $900 per month. This leaves them with very little for food, transportation and other necessities. We are also looking at travel expenses for family member to travel to and from Pittsburgh to relieve Kate & Colton. I am listed as his main caretaker so I will have to travel to Pittsburgh in the near future. Some of you may know that my health took a turn for the worse last year and I was out of work for four months with no pay. In other words, money is extremely tight all around. Transplants, although lifesaving, are not cheap.
Please consider donating to this very worthy cause: My dad’s second chance at life.
As always, we appreciate all that our friends, family and community have done for us in the past. We are in the home stretch after years of running and we need just a bit more help. We thank you for every good thought, prayer, comment of support and monetary donation you have sent. We love each and every one of you.
The Terrio Family

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