Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Lee Arrest

On Saturday, August 23rd, 2014, I, Officer Christopher Collette was assigned to Somerville marked unit East Four from 15:45 hours until 00:00
hours on Sunday, August 24th. On Sunday, August 24th, at approximately 00:03 hours, I was on Temple St. and stopped at the traffic signal where Temple St. and Mystic Ave intersect. My shift having just ended, I was still in full uniform with my badge conspicuously displayed on my chest. As the traffic signal turned from red to green, I noticed that the motor vehicle directly ahead of me, a dark SUV bearing MA REG 426VXW, was not moving. I waited a few seconds and then beeped. I saw no immediate response from the motor vehicle, so I beeped again to no avail. At this point the motor vehicle had been stopped at the green signal for much longer than is usually the case. I then approached the motor vehicle to check on the status of the driver. Temple St. and Mystic Ave are public ways within the City of Somerville.

As I approached the driver’s side of the vehicle, I observed a female, later identified as Jae Lee in the driver’s seat. She appeared to be looking at her phone which was in her lap. As Ms. Lee rolled down her window to speak with me, I observed her eyes to be glassy. Ms. Lee stated that she was just using her phone for directions home. Through my experience and training I identified the appearance of Ms. Lee’s eyes, and her inattentiveness to her surroundings as possible indicators that she was under the influence of a substance. I asked Ms. Lee if she had been drinking. She stated no. I then asked Ms. Lee to step out of the car so I could speak with her further.

Once outside the vehicle, I asked Ms. Lee once again if she had been drinking. She again stated that she had not. I told her that her eyes appeared glassy as if she had consumed alcohol. Ms. Lee stated that this was due to the fact that she had been crying because she and her boyfriend had broken up. In an attempt to better evaluate Ms. Lee’s condition, I asked her to perform several field sobriety tests. Ms. Lee agreed.

I asked Ms. Lee to perform the nine step walk in turn. I found a well lit area of sidewalk with a near perfectly straight line running through it. I asked Ms. Lee if she had any medical conditions that would prevent her from performing this test. She stated that I was making her nervous, and she began to refuse further cooperation. She interrupted me as I attempted to advise her of how the test is performed. In this test, the test subject is advised to walk nine heel to toe steps, on a straight line. On the last the step the subject is to pivot, and return to the starting point. Ms. Lee took off her shoes to perform this test. Ms. Lee attempted this test several times, and was advised to re start. Ms. Lee stepped off the line during several tests. I asked her to perform one more walk and turn and she refused. I asked Ms. Lee to perform the One Leg Stand, and she refused that as well. At this point, due to Ms. Lee exhibiting several signs of intoxication and based on her own admission that she had been drinking, I placed her under arrest for operating a motor vehicle, while under the influence of liquor. She was transported back to SPD Headquarters for booking and her vehicle was towed from the scene by Pat’s Tow.

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