Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Chen Arrest

On the above date and time, while assigned to the Somerville PD Narcotics/Vice Unit, working in an
undercover capacity, I assisted in an active, prostitution investigation, focusing on illegal sexual activity, involving a massage/spa business, located at Davis Sq.

On this date, Det. Sgt. David Monte received a citizen complaint regarding possible prostitution activity occurring at a business located at Davis Sq.. Det. Sgt. Monte requested our unit perform surveillance and possibly use one of our members, to make an appointment with one of the alleged suspects, for the purpose of soliciting sexual conduct for a fee.

A police officer acting in an undercover capacity posing as a prospective client responded to the number provided. The undercover officer spoke with an unnamed female (Asian), who made an appointment for $100.00 for an hour long session of massage. The above mentioned members of the Somerville Police Dept. Narcotic/Vice Unit set up surveillance at the above address. The undercover officer arrived on location prior to entering into said establishment, the undercover and Det. Sgt. Monte had a conversation relative to the signal that he would provide to him, when the situation reached the point, where our presence was required to effect the arrest. The undercover law enforcement operative entered the Wellness Massage and was advised by defendant Nittaya Chen, to enter into the second room on the left and disrobe. Once the undercover operative disrobed, Chen requested the agreed upon fee of $100.00 for the hour long session of massage. In turn the 100.00 was provided to Chen, which she willingly accepted. Several times during the massage, as the undercover police officer was lying prone on his stomach, the defendant, in what was perceived to be an intentional act to sexually arouse the police officer, manipulated and fondled him. At some point, after some brief conversation, the defendant had the law enforcement official turn onto his back. Once again, the defendant made several purposeful strokes, in an intentional act, to stimulate and fondle the undercover police official. At this point, the undercover police officer inquired as to intercourse with the defendant. The defendant declined sexual intercourse, at this time. The defendant then performed additional aggressive manual manipulation. At this time the undercover police officer declined Chen’s offer to continue with her masturbatory intentions. Chen then offered to pursue the act of masturbation more aggressively to overcome the undercover police officers short comings. Chens offer was refused.

The undercover officer provided the defendant with an excuse to use his cell phone. The undercover used this ruse to contact the arrest team with the predetermined signal to enter into the business for the purpose of effecting the arrest of the suspect. The arrest team entered into the business and the suspect was placed under arrest.

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