Boston GreenFest-SAVERS EcoFashion Show by Shannon Hardy


Boston celebrated its annual GreenFest this weekend, August 15th- 17th at City Hall Plaza. The annual festival features recycled products, musical performances, organic cuisine, young innovators, EcoArt, educational films, and the annual Savers Ecofashion Show—all in order to spread awareness about sustainability and ecofriendly living. On August 15th the main stage featured ecofriendly designs from Boston’s innovative and creative fashion community at the Savers Ecofashion Show.

Every year, Savers Thrift Store generously donates clothing and materials to local designers in order to repurpose the clothing for their fashion show at Boston GreenFest. Designers are given a walk through of the entire store to take whatever they can fit into their carriages so they can then turn the old clothing new again. Innovators, like EcoFashion Director, Nahdra Ra, create their own inspirational designs and then share the ecofriendly clothing with the public. Ra owns her own clothing line, The House of Nahdra, featuring garments made entirely of recycled cotton and clothing, but also recruits both young and old ecofriendly designers for the EcoFashion Show. Ra reflected, “we strive to let people know how they can recycle and create ecoliving from what they are doing right now. They just need to change a few things and try to open up to being ecofriendly as a whole.”
Thus, as a result of the show’s pursuit to expand, Framingham State University student, Gabrielle Mcdonough submitted three of her most creative designs. Mcdonough made three dresses that, “represent her love for her family.” The first design was a dress made entirely out of 156 repurposed negatives from old family photographs. The second dress was a two-piece dress fashioned out of Kodak envelopes and the last was a strapless gown made out of family photographs. Every dress was made from Kodak material and made a lasting impression on the audience. People flocked with cameras in hand to adore the gorgeous garments.
Other designers were also inspired by their love for family. Veteran designer, Mela Miles-Kenyetta, chose to reuse clothing strictly from Saver’s thrift store and stumbled upon a priceless find in between clothing racks—her wedding dress. Tony and Mela Miles-Kenyetta, both met as designers working at the Savers EcoFashion Show, and thus decided to have their wedding at the finale of the show. Friends, family, designers, and the city of Boston looked on as the ecofriendly couple said, “I do,” on Boston City Hall Plaza’s main stage.
For next year, Ra plans to direct and organize Savers annual EcoFashion Show yet again and will continue to expand, inspire, and recruit dedicated and innovative designers.

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