Erin DiBenedetto for State Representative

These are exciting times for Medford and Somerville. With the Green Line extension, comes opportunity for
economic expansion in our district, as new businesses look at investing in our neighborhoods. Erin is committed to being a strong advocate for smart, sustainable growth while ensuring that lifelong residents and families aren’t priced out. Development in our growing communities is critical to our future success, but it must happen on our terms and with the public’s involvement.

Erin plans to use the relationships she has already established with leaders in local, state and federal government to ensure the Green Line extension through Somerville and Medford is completed on time and on budget.

Erin knows it’s important listen to the community when it comes to extending the project to Route 16 and ensuring that economic development surrounding the project is thoughtful and well-planned while taking into account the needs of residents.

A huge number of people in our district use public transportation to commute to work or school daily, and Erin is committed to keeping MBTA fares affordable and preserving the bus routes that run through our cities. Ensuring seniors and disabled have access to public transportation is also a top priority for Erin. Erin also strongly supports the new late-night service on the MBTA and would be open to expanding it, as needed.

Because of our density, traffic congestion is always going to be a problem in our district. But Erin believes by working with local officials, neighbors and developers, we can work together to lessen traffic problems caused by new development projects such as Somerville’s Assembly Row.

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