Mystic Wellington Yacht Club Fishin with a Mission

The Fishin with a Mission Autism Awareness Day at MWYC is just a couple of weeks away and will be held on Sunday August 17, 2014

This is one of the Mystic Wellington Yacht Club’s great charitable events that we host throughout the year.

Everyone knows someone who has a family member or friend affected by Autism and here is your chance to help! The yacht club is partnering with our Friends from the Mass Bass Fishing Federation and the City of Mayor Michael McGlynn’s office to host this great event!

The event will consist of a Fresh Water Bass and Salt Water Striped Bass and Blue Fish Fishing Tournament to raise money for Autism Awareness.

We will also be hosting a great family day at the yacht club with games and events for kids of all ages. There will be an “All you can eat” barbecue, live entertainment, a water slide, dunk tank, a bounce, games and many great raffles throughout the day!

Some of the schools of children, their families and teachers who’s curriculum specializes with children affected with Autism will be joining us for a day of fishing, boat rides and family fun as well as help us all become more aware of how their great work is helping those affected with Autism.

Please checkout our website at in the News & Events section
to reserve your tickets now for this great event! The event is open to all so please join us and take this opportunity to help someone enjoy some of the summer activities we all take for granted.

We hope to see you there!

Thank you
Joe DiGirolamo

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