The City of Somerville takes safety very seriously and pedestrian safety is no exception


Somerville experiences on average 47 pedestrian accidents per year, and a pedestrian was killed just last month in a crosswalk in Davis Square. As the

cars speeding by the pedestrian in this video show, increased enforcement is clearly needed for crosswalks. Just as we enforce stop signs, speeding and red lights, we must enforce crosswalk regulations as well to ensure resident safety, especially the safety of children and seniors. This intersection has seen a number of pedestrian and cyclist accidents over the years and was recently identified as one of the top intersections of concern in the city. At intersections such as this where drivers clearly are not stopping as required, we prefer to have an officer out there rather than wait for an unsuspecting resident to risk getting hit.

The Somerville Police Department worked with state and federal transportation and public safety agencies to target this area specifically to improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety.

Additionally, the city restriped or added more than 2,000 crosswalks citywide, added or repaired more than 1,800 damaged or faded traffic signs, and installed about 300 reflective signs for added visibility on pedestrian and stop signs. We’re trying to make it easier for drivers to see pedestrians in crosswalks and know when to stop. But when they fail to do so, it is our duty to enforce the laws that keep our residents safe.

3 thoughts on “The City of Somerville takes safety very seriously and pedestrian safety is no exception”

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    Lisa Fucci
    I don’t know why motorists are constantly being targeted!! I grew up in Somerville and there is a recent influx of careless idiots crossing and biking on our streets. When I was Growing up here bikes were not allowed on the street you had ride on the sidewalk. Now that somerville has bike lanes and hostile bikers that kick your car if they feel threatened well I feel threatened with no way to protect myself. They should be made to attatch license plates and follow the law. I want to be able to exercise my rights when being threatened and have some way to identify that person.I call the pedestrians of Somerville “suicide walkers ” they blindly step of the curb and walk into the side of your car as of your not there. This has to stop! are they exempt from the law. What ever happened to the jaywalking law and why isn’t it enforced. Of course people are being hit by cars they are breaking the law and they think they are entitled… Cross like that in Boston and see what happens. The police need to start holding people accountable and do their job. Stop singling out motorists who follow the law.

  2. glad they care now! year’s ago I witnesses a (probably drunk) a guy get hit and run by a car down east Broadway and it wasn’t even in the crime section of the newspaper! I called the police and told them that the car that did it took a side street, parked, and left the scene. I knew what car it was but the police did nothing. I think the driver was a “somerville somebody”. This happened down by the now closed Khoury’s Spa.

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