SNN reports on Somerville’s Plastic Bag ban

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We recently did a news story on the topic, PLASTIC BAG BAN MOVES FORWARD.
Here is the link online:

3 thoughts on “SNN reports on Somerville’s Plastic Bag ban”

  1. This issue, as I have read, will be taken up at the end of June and I’m hoping it includes a public hearing.

    In reading the meeting minutes, it seems that they want to narrow this to only retailers over 5,000 square feet. Currently, these retailers have to provide on-site plastic bag recycling. So, technically, one could walk past the recycling box, take a plastic bag, and not pay for one at the register?

    Needless to say, it needs to be discussed further.

  2. Plastic bags decompose in 5 to 10 years. They have only been around for 50 years. Banning bags only forces people to bring their own bags period. People can still use plastic , paper or reusable. The only thing the ban does is make the retailer money when they no longer have to supply you with one. So the litter you will see now will have all been paid by the consumer.

  3. about plastic bags do not ban them all together just put a limit on them,, the seniors use them a lot and what about picking up the doggie poop, there is a lot of pros and cons about banning the bags all together….

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