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Falvey Arrest

On the above date, at approximately 17:54, while in marked unit 664, I responded to Broadway (Winter Hill Market Inc.) for a past Breaking and Entering of a M/V. Marked units 663 (Off. Pasqualino), 662 (Off. McCarry),
and S9 (Sgt. Brennan), and D15 (Det. DiFronzo) responded as back up. Dispatch informed all responding units that the Victim was on scene with a possible suspect.

On arrival, I spoke with Officer Pasqualino who informed me that the Victim’s M/V had been broken into, while parked in the parking lot of Walgreens Pharmacy (343 Broadway). The Suspect stole from the Victim’s M/V a black leather wallet containing the Victim’s credit cards, debit card, Mass. driver’s license, health insurance card and an Apple I-Phone. At the above location Off. Pasqualino was able to recover the Victim’s cell phone. Mr. A informed Off. Pasqualino that he purchased the cell phone from a male party for approximately $16.00. Mr. A described the male party to Off. Pasqualino as a white male, with blue eyes, wearing a white T-shirt with a blue shirt over it and blue jeans.

I spoke with the Victim, , who informed me that he went into the Winter Hill Bank (located next to Walgreens Pharmacy) at approximately 3:43 pm, to drop off a package and two minutes later he returned to his car to find his wallet and cell phone missing. He immediately borrowed a cell phone to try and ping his cell phone. Victim was able to ping his cell phone and track the signal via GPS to the Winter Hill Market. As soon as victim arrived at the Winter Hill Market he lost the signal and called the Police. He further informed me that between the time that his M/V was broken into and 4pm; someone had already used his Bank of America debit card at Rite Aid Pharmacy to make a purchase for $25.49. At approximately 4:40 pm, a second purchase was made at Hess Gas Station using Peter’s Discover Credit Card for an undisclosed amount. A Purchase for approximately $41.00 was made at Winter Hill Market.

At approximately 5:54 pm, Officer Pasqualino and Detective DiFronzo responded to Rite Aid to view the surveillance video. The surveillance video revealed a lead that led Off. Pasqualino and Det. DiFronzo to Grant Street. Det. DiFronzo requested that I respond to Grant Street, as well. On location, I was able to observe Det. DiFronzo and Off. Pasqualino standing in front of Grant Street talking with a white male. Det. DiFronzo informed me that while viewing the surveillance video at Rite Aid he recognized the white male in question as Shawn Falvey, out of Grant Street. Det. DiFronzo further informed me that Shawn had confessed to him breaking into a M/V color gray, that was parked in the parking lot of Walgreens and Winter Hill Bank, and stealing a wallet and cell phone from the M/V. Shawn also admitted to Det. DiFronzo taking a debit card and credit card (Discover) from the stolen wallet and making several purchases. Shawn used the Discover card at Rite Aid to make a purchase totaling $25.49 and with the debit card purchased at Hess Gas Station 3 packs of Marlboro Cigarettes and 3 packs of Parliament Cigarettes totaling approximately $60.00. Shawn also purchased a pair of head phones with one of the credit cards.

While pat frisking Shawn Off. Pasqualino discovered the following items in Shawn’s pocket: 1. Peter’s Mass. Driver’s License, 2. two Discover credit card, 3. a Merrick Bank Visa credit card and a Staples Rewards card belonging to the Law Offices. All of the credit cards are in the Victim’s name.

Shawn was very cooperative and led Det. DiFronzo, Off. Pasqualino, Sgt. Brennan, and myself to Foss park where we were able to retrieve victim’s wallet from inside of a trash barrel. All of the items purchased by Shawn were retrieved from Shawn’s house.

Shawn was placed under arrest for BandE of a M/V, 3 counts of Larceny under, 3 counts of forgery, and 3 counts of uttering.

The six packs of cigarettes, headphones, receipts, and all pictures taken will be submitted into evidence and made available upon request. I will be returning the wallet back to its owner.

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