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McCann Arrest

On Friday, May 9, 2014, at approximately 07:33 AM, while on patrol in marked unit 660, I was dispatched, along with 667, to the
intersection of Chester Street and Cottage Avenue, for a reported armed robbery. Upon arrival, 667 was met by the victim. He told Officer Cicerone, that he was robbed at knife point. He explained, he was parking his car in the Day Street parking lot, and upon exiting his vehicle he was approached by a white male, in his early to mid twenties, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, with a beard, later identified as Christopher McCann.

Victim explained that Mr. McCann was holding a silver knife and demanded his car keys. He told the defendant that he would not give him his keys. Mr. McCann then grabbed him by his shoulders and physically attempted to take the keys from his hand. He stated, he began to yell for help and was able to push Mr. McCann away from him. Mr. McCann then fled down Chester Street on to Cottage Avenue. Victim chased McCann until he lost him on Cottage Avenue.

Officer Cicerone put the description out over the air, and while victim was explaining the situation to Officer Cicerone, I was canvassing the neighborhood and Davis square area for the suspect. After he was advised, Officer Cicerone joined the search and came up with a man fitting the description behind the Citizen’s Bank on Elm Street.

The man had a beard, a white T-shirt, and blue jeans. I met Officer Cicerone behind the bank and found Mr. Christopher McCann sitting on a bench. Mr. McCann told us his name and that he had been out all night. On a side note, a warrant was applied for Mr. McCann from the previous night, for Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, to wit a Baseball bat, on his father. Upon searching the immediate area, a black hooded sweatshirt was found stuffed in the bushes directly within reach of Mr. McCann.

At this point 665 arrived on scene, as additional back up, so Officer Cicerone could pick up the victim in order to do a show up. I advised Mr. McCann that he fit the description of a suspect and we would be doing a show up with the victim. Mr. McCann said that was ok. Officer Cicerone placed the victim in the back seat of his police cruiser, and read him the advisements on the show up form. Officer Cicerone filled out the show up form according to Mr. Papp’s understanding of the process.

Myself and Officer Moreira had Mr. McCann walk from behind the bank to the parking lot, un cuffed, and wait for the cruiser to come with the victim. Officer Cicerone drove by with victim in the back seat, and informed me that it was a one hundred percent positive identification. I then placed Mr. McCann under arrest for Armed Robbery. I read Mr. McCann his Miranda Rights via a card kept in my vest pocket. Mr. McCann explained that he understood his rights, and stated he did not want to talk. As we were waiting for the transport wagon, I walked back to the bench to retrieve the black sweatshirt from the bushes, and underneath it was a silver folding box cutter(razor), both items were tagged into evidence for safe keeping.

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