Assembly Square in High Gear Racing for Opening Day-Take the Tour With Us!


By William Tauro

On Wednesday afternoon, officials from the City of Somerville’s Mayor’s Office, Inspectional Services, the Somerville Police Chief and Fire Chief along with department heads and managers of Federal Realty and it’s contractors were on site touring the new streets of the Assembly Row in anticipation of it’s opening scheduled for this coming Memorial Day Weekend.

Inspectors were going over everything with a fine tooth comb.

They covered everything from fire alarm boxes on the property to street signs and dumpster locations on the premises.

Hundreds of contractors were visible in the background busy working away with finishing touch’s on everything from carefully covering newly poured sidewalks with clear plastic tarps so to prevent them from getting stained while workers were working on the building’s exterior to covering a thirty foot giraffe that was made completely out of Lego blocks that’s located in front of Lego Land on the property’s main street!

Some described the site similar in
resemblance to “Main Street of Universal Studios!”

Let us take you for a tour through the lens of our cameras so you can see it for yourself!





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