Reality Bites by James A. Norton

Out of a dog’s mouth will never come ivory tusks…

I’ve said it before and I will probably be effusing about it for years – it’s 2014, not 1994, not 1974 and certainly not 1954. It’s time to grow up, just a little
bit. If for some strange reason you think that this column is about you, specifically, then chances are you are right.

Oh don’t get me wrong, this isn’t one of those take a shot at one particular person and people just scratch their heads. No. This particular rant is for an alarmingly large number of people in and around the ‘Ville who can’t mind their own business, keep people’s names out of their mouth and have nothing better to do than find ways to make other people’s lives miserable. Yeah, I’m talking to you.

More than ever, it seems people thrive on misery – their own is so unpleasant that they shift onto the misery of others for whatever gain they can make of it for themselves. I guess my point is that the same people who stand in a corner, sit in their basement, make phone calls and have less than honorable impromptu meetings for whatever purpose suits their libidinous penchants – are the same people so eager to point fingers and start whispering because someone else happens to have a larger, brighter red “x” on their back.

There are some in the community who are so willing to embrace a public persona of keeping their mouths shut – when it suits them and only them – that they sit in their comfy chair and start passing judgment on others, wafting the flames of rumor like it’s their own personal mill to grind. What happened to these people that makes them so bitter, so eager to delight on the misfortunes of others? It really is so sad.

Listen, people make mistakes, they have crazy relatives, they have stupid friends and they get involved in situations that are completely untenable. That’s life. Every single one of us deserves the chance to make change, to better ourselves – and to do in peace if that’s the burden we place upon ourselves.

My recommendation to the masses, and to those who think this pertains to them in particular is simple – mind your business, take care of your own house, assess your own life and the series of events that brought you to 2014 and think carefully before you point fingers, make assumptions, falsify statements, make threats and continue to act like nasty assholes. It’s 2014 and information flows really quickly in this day and age. Try and remember where you came from, what you did and what you can lose. Oh and do everyone a favor and become another person. #GMK

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