Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Hurley Arrest

While on duty in full police uniform and on patrol, at around 22:35 hours, several patrol units were dispatched to an ongoing fight at Cedar Street
involving several males. In route to the call, the Somerville Police Dispatcher alerted us that several calls were received regarding the fight. A number of officers were dispatched.
On arrival, we were directed to a gray color vehicle fleeing the scene. The vehicle was stopped at the intersection of Elm Street and Cedar Street. One of the passengers (a male in his early twenties) who was known to Officer was seating on the fourth seat of the van, bleeding from his nose. He admitted to Officer that he was involved in the fight at Cedar Street and claimed that he was the victim.
Supposedly, the assailant was fine and neither wanted to pursue the matter. They were advised. The other parties were also advised and sent home. Twenty minutes to one half of an hour later, we were dispatched again the Cedar Street for another fight. On arrival, we realized that the fight involved the same group from earlier, minus the young male that had the nose bleed. There were at least five males and two young females on scene. They were on the street arguing out loud. As we approached them on foot, they dispersed back toCedar Street. Couple of the subjects walked inside Cedar Street through the front door and the rest of them were heading to the rear of the house. They walked through a common, shared driveway that lead to the backyard of Cedar Street.
I noticed that the group that went through the front door. We followed the group that went to the backyard. There were a lot of yelling and commotions from inside the house, coming from the first floor kitchen where the officers were.
From the back porch, I observed a tall white male standing inches away from Officer ‘s face, in a fighting stance with tight fists, screaming at officer to “get the fuck out of my house, this is private property.” Apparently, this subject was known to Officer , his name was Mr. Austin J. Hurley.
Officer was trying to reason with him, but he became more and more belligerent and somehow combative. He repeatedly made threats that he was going “to fuck us all,” if we did not get out of his house. Couple of Mr. Austin’s friends and girlfriends tried to calm him down. They told him that we were there checking on their well-beings. Mr. Austin continued to be explosive and refused to cooperate.
To prevent things from escalating, we walked outside the house through the rear door. We were in the driveway, asking everyone to leave.
Mr. Austin J. Hurley, followed us outside and continued with his tumultuous behavior. He was loud and disrespectful and combative towards everyone. I believed that Mr. Austin J. Hurley was under the influence of alcoholic beverages.
In order to restore the peace and tranquility of the neighborhood at this late hour, I placed Mr. Austin J. Hurley in custody for being a disorderly person and for threat to commit a crime.

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