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Somerville Neighborhood News is produced by the volunteers, interns and staff of Somerville Community Access Television. It is the only independent TV
newscast created for Somervillens.

We are trying to continuously raise awareness about this community resource and with various outreach efforts like SNN Watch Parties, community screenings and partnerships like this one we are gaining more visibility.

We invite and encourage residents to watch this news show to stay up to date on various community issues, events, meetings, and happenings in Somerville.

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Somerville Neighborhood News Episode # 9 links
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About SNN # 9: Why did a bunch of Somerville High Schoolers head to WGBH? Who put on a fashion show at the Mystic Apartments, and why? What is all the snow costing the city’s taxpayers? And what is “affordable housing,” anyway? These stories and more on SNN #9.

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