Kiwanis Club of Somerville Providing School Supplies and Backpacks for Students

SOMERVILLE_ For the fourth year, members of the Kiwanis Club of Somerville have been providing school supplies and backpacks for middle school and high school students who are most in need of assistance.

Some of those students may be living in foster homes or shelters but attending school in Somerville. The students who will receive the backpacks have been identified by the Somerville Parent Information Center and the Prospect Hill Academy.
Over the past month, Kiwanis members have collected school supplies donated by local businesses, residents, supporters and members, including many supplies donated at two weekend donation events at Staples at Assembly Row. The biggest single donation of 200 high-quality backpacks was made by PUMA North America and their Joint Venture Partner United Legwear. PUMA North American headquarters is located at Assembly Row. In addition to the backpacks, eleven PUMA North America employees assisted Somerville Kiwanis members in packing 200 backpacks with school supplies that were donated or purchased by the club.
On Thursday afternoon, Kiwanis President Haley Adams led the members and volunteers in packing and preparing the backpacks for distribution. Other members participating included District Lieutenant Governor Mernaysa Rivera-Bujosa, Treasurer Catia Aruda, Secretary Paul Upton, Distinguished Past Presidents Bob Nissenbaum, Susan Callahan, Past Presidents, Frank Wright, Bill Lemos, Members Rod Laurenz, Tom Bent and Steve Coughlin, with volunteers Sonia Trinh with Kaisen and Taeden Trinh.
PUMA volunteers were led by Megan Klein, Coordinator of Workplace Experience, and employees Brittany Bianchi, Matthew Belsito, Cathy Tran, Heather Bentall, Mark Mulvaney and Chris Shuley.
President Haley Adams expressed the club’s thanks to everyone who donated supplies, especially PUMA North America and their Joint Venture Partner United Legwear for donating the 200 backpacks. Without their generous support and the help of so many in our community, this program would not be possible.
To learn more about the Kiwanis Club of Somerville, visit our web site, or like us on Facebook, Kiwanis Club of Somerville.
Pictured members of the Kiwanis Club of Somerville: Seated L-R Rod Laurenz, Catia Aruda, President Haley Adams, Susan Callahan and Paul Upton: Standing; Bill Lemos, Tom Bent, Frank Wright, Bob Poupolo, Steve Coughlin and Bob Nissenbaum.
Second photo Puma volunteers: Seated L-R Cathy Tran, Brittany Bianchi, Heather Bentall, Megan Klein and Amy Biladeau. Standing; Matthew Belsito, Chris Shuley and Mark Mulvaney.
Third photo: 200 backpacks packed and ready for distribution.
Fourth photo: The Kiwanis Club members and PUMA volunteers

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