Come on Somerville we’re better than this? 

By William Tauro

Update:Please let me be perfectly clear that the good people of the Somerville Department of Public Works are doing a great job especially under these following conditions:They are understaffed, underpaid and unappreciated for all the hard work that they do! The problem comes from the top with poor leadership leading the way!

Billy T

Comment that someone inboxed to me to clarify:

“Billy the kid who does the trash breaks his balls every night the city has almost 400 Barrells he cant get them all in one night. He gets one half one night the other the next. But people and business continue to use those barrels as there own personal trash.I worked the whole weekend doing trash and barrels i emptied on sat were full again on sunday its ridiculous.

Our Smea members bust are balls out here every day and we get no recognition. We are under staffed under paid and then we get postings like this with everyone bashing us”

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