Are Our Displaced Winter Hill School Children Going From Bad to Worse This Coming Fall?

By William Tauro

Please check out this video on my Facebook page of the uncovering of the floor panels of the former Somerville Boxing Club that’s located in the basement of the Edgerly Education Center located at 8 Bonair St., in Somerville that have been sealed up and ignored since 1977 and you will notice the old contaminated standing water and oil contaminants residue and oil deposit still existing in this building.

You will also notice the surrounding façade especially above exterior doorways of the entire school is crumbling, never mind worrying about the children coming over here to attend class this fall how about the children the weather in there now and the ones that have been there since 1977 that were lucky to escape any fallen concrete, but who knows if they or anybody has suffered abdominal health issues for any long-term exposure over past years. I hope to God for the children sake that I am wrong, but testing this building for hazardous contaminants is a must. 

Only time will tell, but as of today I am putting the mayor and the City of Somerville on notice of the condition of this building and of any environmental hazards that still may exist.

Click on link below to see video:

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