I was asked this question online:

By William Tauro

I was asked this question online:

Poster:clars10 •

So – between now and your last run for mayor and your severe dedication to the city, can you please list what you have been actively involved in to improve Somerville?

My response was:

Well, after losing the election, what could I do but continue to do what I have been doing which is serving the community? Mainly, my hands were tied, but I still continued to voluntarily and with no financial reimbursement broadcast public service reports and public service announcements of the news on my Facebook pages and on new sites of what was going on in and around the city.

I supported all of veterans events and dedications and help them recover the missing memorial monuments that have been missing and not accounted for, for over the past three years.

I’ve been a strong advocate to help getting the streets back in shape and an advocate of strongly denouncing the crime and drug problems that we still have, especially the monthly shootings that are taking place around the city. I’ve been a big advocate on reporting about the large, serious rat infestation problem that we have around plaguing the city that is affecting mostly everyone.

I’ve been visiting and taking calls from residents, especially seniors who have had problems finding affordable housing, helping seniors get coverage on needed medications, helping them finding proper free legal representation and advice, sources for putting food on their tables and trying my best in guiding them in the right direction to address the issues that they asked me to look into for them.

I’ve also been one of the biggest advocates for our homeless population helping them as much as I can on my own trying to find them housing, food sources and more importantly helping them find assistance on mental health issues to get them back on track and back on their feet.

I have been helping residents in Somerville as I have always been in and engaged in assisting the needy and disfranchised in this community for over the past 45 to 50 years, and I will continue to do so as long as I can.

I unlike the current mayor, I am very transparent, my cell phone, my email and my inbox is available to everybody and I’m always available to everyone to talk and to find out your concerns of what you want from the City of Somerville’s elected officials!

I hope I answered most of your concerns and questions and I thank and appreciate you taking the time and allowing me to respond to your questions and addressing them.


PS: I will be reopening city hall back to the public!

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