Where Is Our Old Assembly Square Ford Plant Watertower?

By William Tauro
What’s in a name? Assembly Square in Somerville was named for the 52-acre Ford assembly plant that used to operate in the area. The factory closed in 1958, but the name still sticks, as the vicinity transformed into the new now “Assembly Row” shopping complex, apartments, and MBTA station!

My question here is, where is the old Somerville Ford Plant water tower? I remember they put it away in storage when they were building Assembly Row and they promised they would put it back up. Let’s save the water tower! What happened to it?

I’m working on amongst many projects throughout the city to rebuild and preserve Somerville’s precious, history! If elected I will accomplish rebuilding our dilapidated, crumbling city buildings especially our schools and fire stations, let’s recover and save our historic/sacred war memorial monuments and let’s rebuild and preserve Somerville City Hall! Your thoughts?

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  1. We are immensely grateful to Billy Tauro, Arthur Moore, who are our authentic Somerville Historians. Along with many other citizen contributors to this cause, by way of writing articles, posting memorabilia, Billy Tauro, especially, diligently strives to keep the unique history, poignant memories and our beloved monuments, especially our Veteran Monuments front and center…noticable and available for the Citizens of The City of Somerville, MA and ALL Americans to admire, enjoy and to learn valuable, irreplaceable lessons from American History.
    God Bless Somerville, MA

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