Real Life Somerville Police Stories: (A&B w/ Dangerous Weapon, A&B on Person over 60 or Disabled Arrest

The following report is a brief summary of incident #23020338:

On April 15, 2023, I, Officer Dylan Lambert, was working my assigned shift in marked unit East-1. At approximately 5:26 PM, I was dispatched to the area of Bairos Liquors located at 78 Broadway, Somerville, MA in regards an injured party that was bleeding. As I was enroute, Somerville Dispatch informed me that the injured party may have been assaulted. Somerville Dispatch radioed that the suspect was still on scene, but was attempting to flee. All of the East-End Patrol Units responded to assist.

When I arrived in the area I saw that Somerville Firefighters appeared to be rendering aid to a party. I was flagged down by multiple people, who pointed to the suspect. The suspect, who was later identified as Mr. Richardo Nunes Silva, was with his wife, Ms. XXXX. I radioed to Somerville Dispatch that the suspect was in front of Sullivan Liquors. I got out of my cruiser and told Mr. Silva to stop. I told Mr. Silva that I was detaining him because he was suspected of hitting a party in the head with a bottle. Mr. Silva appeared to have a dried substance on his lips and left hand that appeared to be blood. Mr. Silva yelled no multiple times and that he didn’t do anything. Ms. XXXX attempted to grab on to Mr. Silva as I was trying to detain him and she dropped to the ground. Mr. Silva attempted to pull his arm away to avoid being handcuffed, but I was able to place him in handcuffs. I then attempted to assist Ms. XXXX up. I asked Ms. XXXX if she needed any medical attention, to which she said no.

While detained, Mr. Silva kept asking to go home and said that he didn’t do anything. I asked Mr. Silva if he needed any medical attention, to which he said no. Mr. Silva didn’t appear to be injured and the dried blood could have been from the victim.

Officer Hartsgrove arrived on scene at one point and spoke to the victim. Officer Hartsgrove told me that the victim appeared to have a significant injury to his head. The victim was transported by Cataldo Ambulance to Massachusetts General Hospital. Detective Jason Costa responded to the hospital to check on the victim’s condition and interview him. Please refer to Detective Costa’s supplemental report. Detective Costa told me that the victim’s name was Mr. XXXX (DOB: XXXX). Detective Costa took a picture of Mr. XXXX injuries, which will be digitally attached to this report.

Sgt. Berrouet arrived on scene and assisted with translating. Mr. Silva primarily spoke Spanish, but could communicate some what in English. Ms. XXXX primarily spoke Spanish. Sgt. Berrouet attempted to get an account of the incident from Ms. XXXX, but she was very upset, and would yell in Spanish. Sgt. Berrouet was unable to get a statement from Ms. XXXX. Sgt. Berrouet interviewed Mr. XXXX, who witnessed the incident. Mr. XXXX told Sgt. Berrouet that prior to the incident, Mr. Silva, Mr. XXXX, and Ms. XXXX were walking down the street together. Mr. XXXX told Sgt. Berrouet that Mr. Silva struck the victim with a bottle.

There is a camera located in the area of Bairos Liquor Store, but we were unable to get access to it at this time. Detective Costa will be following-up to retrieve the footage.

Based on the facts at hand, Mr. Silva was arrested for the following charges:

M.G.L. 265 Section 15A A&B With A Dangerous Weapon
M.G.L. 265 13K A&B On A Person Over 60 Or Disabled

Mr. Silva was transported to the Somerville Police Department by Officer Torres in Unit 200 and was booked by Lt. Holland.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Dylan Lambert #351
Somerville Police Department

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