Real Life Somerville Police Stories: (Assault w/ Dangerous Weapon, Larceny) (Boston & Brockton Warrants) Arrest

On April 16, 2023, I, Officer Ferrara, was in full uniform working for the Somerville Police Department, assigned to marked unit East-1. At approximately 1842 HRS, I was dispatched along with Sector East to the area of 698 Assembly Row, for a report of a white male wearing a white shirt and tan pants with a blue duffel bag threatening people with a knife.

Upon arrival, I was flagged down by one of the victims XXXX, in front of Starbucks (700 Grand Union Boulevard). XXXXX stated that the subject, Quentin HARRIS, took off towards the Christmas Tree Parking lot (177 Middlesex Ave). I then followed XXXX in my cruiser and began checking the Christmas Tree parking lot. XXXX then screamed out that HARRIS was trying to get into a car stopped at a red light at the intersection of Fellsway and Middlesex Ave.

I then observed the male party entering a 2016 white Toyota Corolla bearing MA REG XXXX which was stopped at the red light. I then activated my lights and pulled my cruiser out in front of the vehicle at the red light. The vehicle pulled to the side and stopped. I gave the male party, who was later identified as HARRIS, an exit order to get out of the vehicle he had just entered and placed handcuffs on him for my safety. I asked him if he had a knife on him which he replied he was not sure if he still had the knife on him or if he dropped it. Ofc. Thompson then searched HARRIS and found a black switch blade in his side pocket. I then told HARRIS that he was placed under arrest and called for 200.

I spoke to the operator of the vehicle, XXXX. XXXX stated that he was stopped at the red light when HARRIS approached his car while he was on the phone. HARRIS told him that he had just missed his bus and asked XXXX if he could give him a ride up the street and that he would pay him. XXXX agreed and unlocked his car and HARRIS entered the back seat of his vehicle. XXXX then saw my cruiser at the light and saw that the bags HARRIS was carrying had security tags on them and he then pulled his vehicle to the side.

I then spoke to the two victims, XXXX and XXXX.

XXXX stated that he and XXXX work for Assembly Row Security.

XXXX stated he was leaving CVS at 495 Grand Union Blvd and began walking towards Southern Kin when he saw HARRIS in front of Southern Kin with two blue duffel bags with the security tags still on them. XXXX told HARRIS that he needed to return the items to the store. HARRIS then told XXXX that he was going to slice him up with his knife if he did not get away from him. XXXX then called this into Assembly Row Security and stated that he was going to follow HARRIS. XXXX then responded to XXXX location. XXXX then followed HARRIS to the bike path across from 698 Assembly Row and asked him a second time to stop and return the items. XXXX stated that HARRIS looked at them and said “Are you guys serious?” HARRIS then pulled out a black switch blade knife out of his side pocket and began walking towards XXXX and XXXX swinging the knife at them. XXXX and XXXX began to advance backwards. HARRIS then took off again towards Starbucks and XXXX and XXXX followed him. XXXX then saw my cruiser pulling up and flagged me down.

I asked XXXX if any of their cameras in the area would have caught HARRIS swinging the knife and he was not sure if it would catch the area they were in but told me he could provide any footage that we needed upon request.

I then went to TJ MAX to return the stolen property. A manager at TJ MAX rang the clothing and bags up and told me the total amount of stolen property was $570.92.

Based on the facts at hand, HARRIS was arrested for the following charges:

265/15B/A A&B With A Dangerous Weapon

265/15B/A A&B With A Dangerous Weapon

266/30/C Larceny Under $1,200.00

HARRIS was transported to the Somerville Police Department by Officer Collette in Unit 200 and was booked by Lt. Capasso.

Upon booking HARRIS it was discovered he had two warrants.

– 90/23/D License Suspended, OP MV With
– 90/25/A Identify Self, MV Operator Refuse
– 266/30/C Larceny Under $1,200.00
– 90C/34/C Drug, Possess Class B

The knife on HARRIS’s person was placed into evidence.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Gianna Ferrara #366
Somerville Police Department

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