Official Somerville Song “Another One Bites the Dust”

By Arthur Moore

Lost at least three places these last two weeks that I know of. But then I no longer go into any squares in Somerville so there could be more. Parking and driving here keeps me from doing business here anymore. Now the picture of this boutique where the parking was taken away was lucky to last as long as they did with no parking after they moved in.

This on Broadway where the hardly used bike lane blocks much needed parking for businesses and the handicapped. And near the Start market where a badly planned construction projects unwanted by the people of Winter Hill that will cause more disaster to this area will be built. But that is how Somerville helps it’s businesses and the elderly and the handicapped. Just another nail in the coffin for us until we can get a good mayor and even get councilors that work for the people of Somerville. But until then Another One Bites the Dust will be out theme song here.

2 thoughts on “Official Somerville Song “Another One Bites the Dust””

  1. The pandemic had a lot to do with the success or failure of this business. It was, in my opinion, a matter of bad timing, too. I, for one, hardly miss the parking.

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