Somerville Police Officer Ross O’Meara is Retiring After 29 Years

By William Tauro

After almost 3 decades of community service to the City of Somerville, Patrolman Ross O’Meara is retiring.

This guy may not wear a cape but he is a hero. He wrapped up a good 29 years of service with the Somerville Police Department from
beginning as a Patrol Officer to Criminal Investigations to the Traffic Division, quite the career he had there .

So Congratulations and lots of luck on his new adventures. Enjoy your retirement “Tango 2 out”

2 thoughts on “Somerville Police Officer Ross O’Meara is Retiring After 29 Years”

  1. Ross is a great guy and I was proud to work with him for many years. God Bless and good luck and have fun in your retirement.
    Your dad was also one of the best and I know he was very proud of you.

  2. I remember this cop. I was a victim of a hit and run accident. This guy chased down the assailant and arrested him while he was working a detail. He went out of his way afterward to help me out afterward. Thank you Officer Omeara. For the longest time I thought his name was Omear. Go figure.

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