New City Islands Posing Dangerous Threats To Motorist and Pedestrians Across City

By William Tauro

Accident here last night (Wednesday) on top of Cameron Ave…
Just imagine if a person was sitting on the bench or even standing on that island? These ridiculous useless and dangerous islands are being constructed all across our city putting motorist and pedestrians in danger everyday!

Our mayor and our city councilors are manning the biggest ship of fools ever in the city of Somerville by even allowing something like this to be constructed putting lives in danger! Shame on all of them for putting the green agenda and fairytales ahead of public safety! Wake up Somerville, we’re better than this! Maybe it is definitely time for change? Instead of kissing the prince’s and princess’s of Wales rings today, the administration and city councilors should be taking care of these hazardous threats across the city!

PS:Our Karen Grover had it right when she wrote this article below last month warning the city about this rise! GRANDMA! …PROMISE NOT TO SIT THERE…!!! A SENIOR CITIZEN “SITTING DUCK” BENCH!! YIKES! | The Somerville/Medford News Weekly


3 thoughts on “New City Islands Posing Dangerous Threats To Motorist and Pedestrians Across City”

  1. Cars crash into buildings, too, but we don’t consider the people sitting in them to be “sitting ducks”. This is a bus stop, people need to be safe while waiting for the bus. Seems like this island could benefit from some hard bollards.

  2. During the Oct.27. 2022 Ward 7 Meeting I spoke up to Brad Rawson about the Senior Citizen “Sitting Duck Bench” installed on a slab in the middle of traffic, referred to in my “Grandma…Sitting Duck” Article and in today’s commentary by Billy Tauro. At the meeting. Brad brags about improving “crummy” outside shelters but in reality, makes the benches completely isolated and vulnerable on a slab in the middle of traffic. When questioned, Brad stumbled and remarked it might be ” temporary, ” which is a lie. These isolated benches are being installed citywide. I proceeded to elaborate on Powder House Square Obstacle Course and that’s when Tom Galligan, Acting Executive Director, interjected and asked me to stop talking, but I continued, and Tom Galligan moved off his “pedestal” oops, I mean podium, and proceeded to stomp down the aisle toward me with his eyes popping out of his head and his viens buldging out of his neck, glaring at me…I just stood there looking at him, so he gained his composure quickly and walked pass me. I checked the You Tube Ward 7 meeting video, and I think my interaction with both men was erased unless somehow I overlooked it…but I’ll check again. I can understand if they erased it because stomping toward a senior citizen with eyes popping and neck veins buldging isn’t a good look. These dogmatic dictators who are dripping in hubris and self-appointed dogmatic decrees about their moronic rationales for our safety are truly dangerous to the citizenry of Somerville, Ma. as this knocked-over bench installed by these pathetic excuses for competency try to squash our pushback.

    1. He says that a lot. Same as with Winter Hill Broadway. Temporary means we are stuck with it and any efforts to do otherwise goes into the ignore bin. Those of us who have listened to him over the years know whatever he says means nothing.

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