Real Life Somerville Police Stories: (OUI Liquor) Arrest

On October 2, 2022, at approximately 2:04 AM, I, Officer Daniel Dell’Isola, assigned to cruiser W6, was conducting routine patrols in my assigned area when I came across a black BMW, bearing MA Reg. XXXX, stopped in the middle of Powder House rotary, facing the wrong way. There was smoke coming from the vehicle and there was a male, who was later identified as Jarred Parker, standing outside of the vehicle’s drivers side door. I relayed the information to dispatch and Officer Justin Brown responded as back up.

As I approached the vehicle, I noticed that there was extensive damage to the front bumper, all four tires were flat, and the airbags deployed. I ask Mr. Parker if he was the operator of the vehicle which he stated “yes.” I asked Mr. Parker what happened and he stated that he was operating the vehicle west bound on Broadway. He stated that when he was approaching the rotary, he hit the median which caused him to loose control of the vehicle.

I smelled a strong oder of alcohol coming from Mr. Parker and his speech was slurred. I asked Mr. Parker where he was coming from tonight and he stated the casino. I asked Mr. Parker if he had any alcohol beverages which he stated that he had three beers at the casino and a beer at a bar prior to the accident.

Cataldo ambulance arrived on scene to medically evaluate Mr. Parker. Mr. Parker was cleared by Cataldo Ambulance and declined being transported to a hospital. Mr. Parker signed Cataldo Ambulance’s medical refusal form.

I informed Mr. Parker that due to my observations and the information that he provided me, I would be conducting field sobriety tests. Mr. Parker complied and I brought him to a well-lighted, flat, non-slippery surface. I asked Mr. Parker if he wore contacts or glasses, which he stated “no.” I asked Mr. Parker if he has any medical condition that would cause him to be unbalanced, which he stated “no.”

The first test I conducted was the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN). I used a pen for the stimulus. I told Mr. Parker to keep his hands down by his side and his feet together. I instructed Mr. Parker to follow the tip of my pen with his eyes only, keeping his he straight. Mr. Parker stated that he understood the instructions. During this test, I observed a lack of smooth pursuit in both eyes. I observed Nystagmus at maximum deviation in both eyes. I did not observe vertical nystagmus.

The next test was the walk and turn test. I showed Mr. Parker what the starting position was and informed him that we would walk, 9 heel-to-toe steps, on a line, while keeping his hands straight down by his side. I informed him that at the final step, he would keep his front foot planted, and with his rear foot take a series of small steps to turn until he was directed back on line. I then told him that he would take 9 heel-to-toe steps back. Mr. Parker stated that he understood the instructions. During this test Mr. Parker lost balance during step 2 and 6. During the turn, Mr. Parker lifted his front foot. After concluding his turn, Mr. Parker stated that he was finished and did not take 9 heel-to-toe steps back.

The final test was the one leg stand test. I told Mr. Parker to stand with his feet together and hands by his side. I instructed him to not begin until I told him to do so. I demonstrated and explained to him that I wanted him to raise his foot approximately 6 inches off the ground with his toes pointing out. I explained that while doing this, I wanted him to look at the tip of his foot and count out loud 1 thousand 1, 1 thousand 2, 1 thousand 3 and so forth until told to stop. Mr. Parker stated the he understood the instructions and began. After counting to 1 thousand 2, Mr. Parker lost balance and stopped the test.

I informed Mr. Parker that he was under arrest for OUI Alcohol, Massachusetts General Law Ch. 90 s. 24. Mr. Parker was transported by Officer Radochia in unit 200 and was booked in the usual manner by Lt. DeOliveira. The vehicle was towed by Pat’s towing company.

After the booking Mr. Parker consented to a BAC test. Mr. Parker’s blood alcohol concentration was at 0.16%. A copy of Massachusetts Uniform Citation T1827457 was placed with Mr. Parkers property.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Daniel Dell’Isola #358

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