The people finally getting a say in the licenses for illegal immigrants

By Arthur Moore

This got started by one of the ladies from Angel moms whose child was killed by an illegal immigrant. Regardless of people showing up trying to stop them from collecting signatures which is illegal they managed to get double the amount needed to get it on the ballot.

It is a great thing to have the people decide this. Too many times our reps decide for us on issues that should really be left up to us. Regardless of which side of the fence you are on either side can now have their say by just going and voting. Just to have the right to have a say takes a lot of work by many people and it should not be this way. This is supposed to be a country where the rules are made by the people for the people. Our elected officials seem to forget that and just do what they want. Now when you go to vote you can make the decision which is only right. I would like to see us have a voice in our own government. One issue is not enough, we need to take our government back to the people where it belongs. But on this issue, you decide it now.

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