Real Life Somerville Police Stories: (Shoplifting Arrest

On Thursday May 26, 2022 at approximately 1221 hours Officer Van Nostrand and myself, Officer Lentini (East-1), were contacted by Officer Pavao about a shoplifting suspect from Polo. Officer Pavao was contacted by XXXX, a worker at Polo, who stated a female party left the store after concealing a few items in her bag.

Upon arrival Officer Pavao had stopped the suspect, Carla SOUSA, and found three articles of Polo clothing in SOUSA’s handbag. Officer Pavao then went back to Polo to get the total amount taken. I placed SOUSA under arrest and searched her belongings. SOUSA was transported to the station by Officer Justin Buswell and booked by Lt Holland. The total amount taken from Polo was 174.50.

Carla SOUSA is being charged with:
Chapter 266 subsection 30A, Shoplifting by concealment

Officer Kyle Lentini 364
Somerville PD

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