Somerville Storm Updates

Good morning! We hope you are safe and warm as you wake up to a wintery Somerville! Here’s what you should know about snow removal today:

❄️ Snow removal crews are out today to continue cleaning up streets and priority areas including hospitals, schools, and City buildings. We ask for your patience as we work to clean up after this record setting snowstorm.

❄️ Property owners and businesses have until 1pm today, Sunday, January 30 to clear sidewalks adjacent to their property. A path at least 3 feet must be cleared. Thank you for doing your part to ensure our neighbors can use our sidewalks safely.

❄️ Please note that the snow emergency is still in effect, and cars must be parked on the odd side of the street (unless otherwise posted) until the snow emergency lifts. We will update later today with more information about when when the snow emergency will lift.

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