Update About Somerville General Election Ballots

The Somerville Elections Department would like to inform all Somerville voters that the ballots for the 2021 general election do not include the usual notation indicating which candidates are incumbents seeking re-election. The incumbents are correctly listed first in order on the ballots; however, they are not identified as “candidates for re-election,” as is standard.

As of October 28, the City, after consultation with the Secretary of State’s Office, has updated the online sample ballots to include the “candidate for re-election” notation and has posted updated sample ballots at City Hall for early voting. On Election Day, Tuesday, November 2, updated sample ballots containing the “candidate for re-election” notation will be posted at all polling locations and inside all voting booths. Voters can refer to these sample ballots to see which candidates are candidates for re-election.

If you have already voted or plan to vote by mail, no additional action is needed; your ballot will be counted. To see the updated sample ballots, please visit somervillema.gov/sampleballots.

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