Somerville DPW Sewer Department’s Director of Operations Sounds More Like A Liability To the City

By William Tauro

Why is this guy employed at the Somerville DPW and who is he related to that gave him the in? His name is Jayson Hayden Sr. In my opinion, this guy is the biggest disaster that ever hit the Somerville DPW since our current Mayor old what’s his name appointed our new interim DPW Commissioner what’s her name from New Hampshire.

This guy is a disaster. He’s very ignorant and he’s very rude and one of the nastiest guys of all time of all the other appointed hacks combined. He treats many of the DPW workers that are under him seriously beyond rotten. From what I’m hearing there are multiple sexual harassment and harassment suit’s getting ready to be filed against the city because of him. Sounds like a liability to me if you ask.

Maybe the current administration and city councilors should consider doing something about him unless he’s one of the mayor’s useless hired guns? Maybe it might just take a new administration to get rid of this clown if he doesn’t smarten his act up by November? We will have to wait and see?

Read this interesting story below about Jayson Hayden Sr. who resigned as public works director last summer, where he received about 19 weeks of salary, according to a separation agreement provided by the town.

It’s my opinion of this that Somerville can do better!

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