Somerville Mayor Curtatone Hits Sour Note at Fourth of July Fireworks Concert

By William Tauro

During this past Wednesday’s fireworks display that took place at Trum Field, TEAM TAURO volunteers were handing out bottles of bottled waters to everyone in the crowd free of charge to help relieve them a bit from the 90degree temperature heat. Only to have Joe Curtatone come out of nowhere to cluelessly start yelling at our volunteer aloud in front of spectators about how ” HE DOESNT SUPPORT IMMIGRANTS” referring to Tauro. JOE has got to go and his cronies too!

William Tauro’s response:

Joe Curtatone must be having withdrawals and is falling apart at the seams again! To shout out to one of my volunteers who was voluntarily passing out bottled water in the 90degree weather to spectators at the fireworks that I am against immigrants is absurd. I come from a family of immigrants who both my mother and father immigrated from Italy. My father proudly served and fought in United States Army as a sargent in the tank corp division under General Patton, stormed the beaches of Normandy during WWII who later started a business in Somerville and raised five children. My wife Marisa is an immigrant from Brazil. Both of my children from my previous marriage are dark Italian-Americans. My stepson, his fiancée and grandson are dark Brazilian immigrants. My son is going out with a lovely half black-Italian woman with beautiful children that I simply adore and consider them part of my family already. My daughter married my son-in-law who is of a dark awesome young man of Indian decent who gave us a beautiful Indian-Italian granddaughter. I have two lovely Asian nieces, one Japanese and one Chinese both with beautiful children. So for Joe Curtatone to say this statement to my volunteers in front of spectators is completely absurd. Who knows maybe the drugs are kicking in on him again? I think Joe Curtatone is just sour to me because he knew that he couldn’t beat me in the upcoming election, couldn’t debate me and had to shamefully drop out of any reelection attempt. If Joe Curtatone ever told the truth in a debate with me they would lock him up on the stage. #TEAMTAUROforMAYOR2021

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