Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Lamont SANDS (Receiving a Stolen Motor Vehicle)

On May 14, 2021, at approximately 22:30 hours, I was dispatched to 559 Windsor Street, for a report of a motor vehicle accident with unknown injury. Upon arrival, I observed a white vehicle with significant damage and total airbag deployment, and a male pacing back and forth outside of it.

The male, Mr. Lamont Sands, told me he was driving the vehicle westbound on South Street. Mr. Sands said he attempted to stop at the intersection of South Street and Windsor Street, but the vehicle wouldn’t stop, and he struck the wall of the building straight ahead. He told me he was uninjured, except for a small cut on his forehead and small cuts on his knuckles from the airbag deployment.

While speaking with Mr. Sands, dispatch advised me that the rental vehicle, New Jersey registration XXXX, a white 2021 Toyota Corolla, was reported stolen. I queried the vehicle myself, and confirmed that it was reported stolen out of Lynn on 4/23/2021, by Enterprise Rental. I asked Mr. Sands if he could show me the rental agreement, which he was able to provide; however, there was no end date listed on the paperwork to prove that he should still be in possession of the vehicle.

I placed Mr. Sands under arrest for Receiving a Stolen Motor Vehicle. He was handcuffed (double-locked), and transported to the station for booking.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Reece

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