Somerville 4 Alarm fire – 195 Morrison Avenue 4/6/21

Photos and Videos by William Tauro
Story by Somerville Firefighters Local 76

The Somerville Fire Department was notified of a house fire on Morrison Avenue at approximately 1219 on Saturday afternoon, April 3, 2021. Arriving fire companies were faced with extreme fire conditions.

A vacant, 2 ½ story home, which was under extensive renovations, was completely involved in fire at 195 Morrison Avenue and fire had already ignited the homes on either side at 191 and 201 Morrison Avenue. Four Alarms were sounded in quick succession bringing mutual aid fire companies from Cambridge, Boston, Belmont, Chelsea, Medford, Malden and Arlington. The original fire building at 195 Morrison was completely destroyed and collapsed. The homes at 191 and 201 both suffered significant damage and are currently uninhabitable. Six residents of those homes have been displaced. A house in the rear at 197 received heat damage as well as the house across the street at 194. Embers from the fire resulted in a porch fire at 169 Morrison as well as a mulch fire at 177. Four vehicles were damaged by heat and a construction trailer was destroyed. Heat from the fire also melted some of the warning lights on the first arriving fire apparatus. Several live electrical lines burned and fell to the ground causing added difficulty and an additional hazard to firefighters operating at the scene.

Construction workers were on the site at the time of the fire. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation but is not considered suspicious. The lack of finished interior walls and ceilings in the home under renovation as well as missing windows allowed rapid fire spread throughout the structure. Damage is estimated to be two million dollars. Both the Red Cross and Somerville Health & Human Services were on scene assisting the displaced residents. One firefighter was treated at the hospital for a burn and several other firefighters suffered minor injuries but were able to remain on duty.

Photos courtesy of Somerville Fire Department

Charles J. Breen Jr.
Somerville Fire Department
Chief Engineer

Editor’s note: Video footage of Saturday’s fire.

By William Tauro

Devastating fire on Morrison Avenue in Somerville, just devastating especially just a day before Easter Sunday four houses involved including one burned to the ground! 🙏 I didn’t see one city official here not even the mayor nor any of our city councilors now that’s disgraceful! 

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