A Sleeping Giant Has Been Awoken in Somerville

The residents and business community of Somerville have remained silent for too long for decades now. They are tired of elected officials for forgetting our seniors and veterans and tossing them aside.

They are tired of seeing our city’s large homeless population living and dying on the streets and many freezing to death while we have heated empty city buildings throughout Somerville just sitting there. They are tired of City Hall enabling our young and old and purposely getting them hooked on drugs by enabling shoot up centers, pot shops and the legal use of psychedelics and mushrooms across the city. They are tired of the ongoing political corruption and back door deals in city hall. They are tired of our elected officials taking advantage of them for their own personal gain. They are tired of broken promises by our mayor and city councilors. They are tired of losing parking spaces and the many restricted lanes throughout the city and the unjust overinflated water and tax bills. They are tired of paying for everybody else’s share. A sleeping giant has been awoken. The good people of somerville are that sleeping giant and they are not going to take it anymore. They want their city back.

This coming November make the right choice and elect William “Billy” Tauro as your next mayor of Somerville and take Somerville back!

Please share this post with ALL of your family and friends from Somerville EVERY WEEK until November and let’s take our city back once and for all for the people! William “Billy” Tauro is Somerville’s last chance to retake our city from our corrupt elected official’s grips!

It’s time for change! Remember in November!


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