Curtatone Sends Empty Message to People of Somerville

By Arthur Moore

So we had the big message from our mayor in the beginning of March. It was such a surprise to hear so much talking but saying nothing. Nothing to add to help with anything for the pandemic to help in anyway.

No help for the small businesses being held back due to whatever it is he wants to accomplish as maybe forcing them out of business for some unknown reason being the only city in the state doing this to the small business community. Never mind forcing people to go to other cities for whatever they need that Somerville is not allowed to offer the people or businesses.

There was nothing to help with the seniors or homeless during these hard times. The people trying to survive without jobs. Nothing about trying to help with vaccines for those who need it the most. It is a good thing he is leaving if this is the kind of help our leader is offering, none. What is going on here with this nothing statement? This is the part that if someone was really caring they would help or step down.

To leave things like this is not how you run things. In less than a year we will have a new mayor and that will be the end of this do nothing business when people need it the most. Mr William Tauro has done more for the people of this city as a citizen than the present mayor as an elected official.

And to clarify before actually running for mayor. So William Tauro’s work is not a PR stunt. This is him. This is what we need to turn this city around and be a city for all people. Not just for developers. And for those who have not heard or read the mayors statement please do. It is embarrassing.

I guess if you are going to leave anyway why bother doing anything. Seems like the attitude I am seeing.

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