Somerville/Medford Speakup Line: My Elderly Mother Was Forgotten In Somerville

Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

Hi Bill I have a problem and also a question you say my mother is handicapped and we were using Cataldo ambulance to carry her up and down the stairs.

they were the only ones offering the service when the pandemic hit back in October they became understaffed and they suspended the service I contacted them today to see if this service has been reinstated they said no and that it will not be reinstated that it has been halted.
This is a service that is needed by Elderly and handicap people also for people who cannot afford a chairlift which cost about $10,000 I do not know if you can look into this or have any Pull asked to Why this service has been halted in the meantime I have to call the fire department now to have her carried up and down the stairs for doctors appointments which I really don’t like doing but I have no choice now let me know if you can help in this situation thanks!

One of your supporters

4 thoughts on “Somerville/Medford Speakup Line: My Elderly Mother Was Forgotten In Somerville”

  1. When my mother lost her ambulation, this service was a Godsend. I used it several times and always tipped the attendants. For Cataldo, this was a HUGE PR coup in my opinion. I wish they’d re-consider bringing it back. In cities like Somerville which have a lot of multi-level housing, it’s literally a life-saver.

  2. This is a service that is desperately needed for elderly and handicapped people that cannot afford a chairlift completely causing this service it’s a disaster in a crime to the handicapped and elderly who have to make doctors appointments

  3. This service is needed for elderly and handicapped in Somerville. Right now there is nothing but the fire department.

    1. Others are having the same problem. I had hoped to have a service to post but so far none for the elderly I know that need this service have found one. And yes, it is needed here and in other cities.

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