Letter from the Editor: Hey Somerville It’s Right Under Your Noses So Don’t Trip On It

By William Tauro

Somethings I’ve noticed over the years here in Somerville that all these people who are most recently complaining about a girl, an appointed official, who is being accused of alleged domestic terrorism who traveled to the nation’s capital.

Nobody is completely certain if she did it or if she didn’t do it, but everybody has already judged her for themselves and made the final verdict to get rid of her.

On the other hand, you have a Mayor who has done 99.99% more than this girl has ever done and including the most recent discovery that has been exposed of his deliberate major campaign finance violations, bribery of an appointed Somerville official and multiple criminal acts that filled up a 560 page book and years of provable media reportings, but silence on that, crickets… SMH

Maybe I’m missing something here that I can’t see, but I am open for discussion if anybody cares to talk about the truth that’s right before their eyes and why nobody is complaining about it.

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