Christmas Nightmare On Somerville’s Winter Hill

By Arthur Moore

I had hoped for some relief by now for those poor businesses in Winter Hill for this Christmas. Especially with the pandemic. I know the beauty places really could have used the parking for their less mobile patrons but looks like they will just have to suffer more losses since their parking was taken away from them.

You would think that to pull out those plastic poles would have been an easy job for them. It would have shown some compassion for these people. A great Christmas gift from the city. But no, further losses. And to add insult to injury that bike lane is still not being used enough to do this to them. Even Scrooge broke down and gave to charity for the holiday. But Medford sure appreciates it as I have heard first hand that is where many are going now. So much for love for our small businesses here.

No one deserves this kind of treatment at any time of the year. Personally I can’t help but seeing this as a deliberate to put these people out of business. Nothing else makes any sense. The loss of safety, traffic congestion some of which is now moved to the side streets making the problem even bigger. And creating unsafe areas of Broadway for bikers.

If we can spend the extra time and effort to support the small businesses of Winter Hill it can help them to help survive this in the hopes we can get them some help. It’s an impossible situation for many in the city also dealing with construction and the pandemic. These are good hard working people. Especially if it is food or service you would be buying anyway.

Things are really bad here as well as everywhere else. But taking out any chances for businesses to survive is just plain cruel and unnecessary. It is time for our elected officials to suck it in and do something for the people they are supposed to represent and work for. It is their job to work for the taxpayers of this city. Stop ignoring this responsibility and do the right thing. At least throw the taxpayers a bone for Christmas and do something right for them. And as bad as things have been this last year you have done so well making it so much worse here. People are fed up. At least one good thing for the people is that the mayor has seen his last year in office and hopefully all of the council members will be replaced. I really would like to see long time residents come out and run for office. It is what the city really needs now. Don’t think you can’t do the job. All you need is some decent common sense. Just a two year term can do so much good here. I am retired and not very mobile any more and I have jumped in myself to help this city and to give back. Ward four has no representation and I aim to change that. Ward five is now open so would be a great time for a long time taxpayer to jump in. People born and raised here should welcome this chance. It’s our time!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Nightmare On Somerville’s Winter Hill”

  1. “There are too many cars that need to use Broadway, give them more space”
    “What about the bikers?”
    “They aren’t safe, have them ride with the many many many many cars and buses, alongside parking and doors being swung open at random.”
    “That don’t sound too safe”

  2. Arthur relief hopefully will come in 2021 if the homeowners get out and vote. We can elect city councilors and Mayor who ensure residents, businesses and those directly impacted by an issue are listened to.
    Its time for a serious change where the city truly becomes transparent not a shell game.

    If all the taxpayers and their families voted what a difference that would make on election day, we could run the socialist agenda out of town. Ward 5 already has a wingnut readying herself for a run. Its not what we need. Its time for a more middle of the road candidate that listens and makes fair decisions not one sided ones.

    Much of the wing nut agenda gives false hope to the less fortunate while they live in their posh privileged lifestyle. A good example where have they been during the covid pandemic not out in the neighborhoods helping people. All at home zooming and trying to pass bullshit ordinances and bills.

    I hope SOMERVILLE LEADS THE WAY and gets out on Election day next year.

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