The Somerville/Medford News Weekly Favorite Birthday Photos of the Week

Many Villens celebrating their birthdays this week in the Ville and square this week! Happy Birthday greetings go out to Lucille Bordonaro, Mary Vasconcelos, Maeve Craven, Jimmy Del, Michael Giannasce, Jamie Lynn, Henry Korecki, Gerald Callahan, B Sherri M Sears, Maria Federico Digiustini, Gary Sullivan, Sean Higgins, Susan Caron, Janet Flynn, Tracy Desmond, Craige Resmini, Salvatore Noto, Lisa Duggan, Carmine Bonavita, Paul Teves, Bobby Foley, Brian Coveney, Robert Finocchiaro, Deborah Thomas, John J Alberts, Peter Forcellese, Lee Grassia Anderson, Antoniette Brooks, Linda Nixon, Mark P Shine, Amy Didomenico, William Stephens, Louise A Bernard, Laurie Luongo, Guy Contaldi, Peter Blaikie,

Danielle Angelillo, Tony Cardillo, Michelle Cassidy, Jessica Resmini, John Ferrari, Shawn Savini, Rui Maciel, Stephan Foster, Carol Costa, Stiletto Dee, James Bussolari, Sergio Lemos, Alice Brown Harrington Milligan, Chanel Frammartino, Donna Brissette Analetto, Brenda Moschella, Bethann Tomeo, Diane Ferdinand-Bianchi, Barney Doherty, Nancy Fucile, Donna Analetto, Jim Mangan, Laura Barahona, Gordon Crook, Jason Castle, William Lettieri, Nelson Sousa, Susan Hayes Park, Matthew John, Estee Vered, Rui Pereira, Stephen Gustus, Paula Martin Leone, Jill Traficante Ardolino, Kristin Murphy O’Connell, Naomi A Kahn, George Wilkes, John Colleran, Peter Anthony, James M Veneziano, Happy 87th Birthday to Gino Minghetti, Happy Sweet 16th to Theresa Romano, and Happy 4th Birthday to Angel Anthony

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