Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line:My Mayor Joe Story

Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

Just wanted to share my horror story of Mayor Joe and how he literally ruined my life. He completely screwed me over including me being sentenced to jail time over a crime i didnt commit. He was my “attorney” but was also running for office so he got his friend who so happens to hold office in everett now to take my case. He lied about hiring an investigator to try to get money from my mother and I.

Also did not cross examine a single “witness” and gave no real closing argument. The friends i was with both juveniles where i 17 was an adult. Simply did a suggestive line up and walked out free. When I reccomended this it was thrown out. I was convicted as a scape goat so curtatone could look like a hero for cleaning up the city. I dont understand how him running for office made it a conflict of intrest but he told me it did. The guy is a sleezeball and i should have gone with his sister who pays off the cops to lie on the stand instead. He cost me so many rights and freedoms and i will always dispise him. I hope to God you take him down!

He has destroyed any semblance to the city I grew up in and loved. I also happened to be in jail with his younger brother the one who tried to rape his ex-girl friend in Everett. He got his ill tell ya!

Ya the whole family is trash and I cant wait for him to really get exposed once he misses one of his dirty habit payoffs or something!

And Bill you got this!!

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