Shared Streets, Silly and Wasteful Somerville at it’s Best


This has been done in many parts of the country with pretty much the same outcome. It does not work and causes more problems than we need right now. The signs or saw horses are constantly being moved and sometimes destroyed. Cars turning from a main street to one of these stops and blocks traffic try to decide on what it means and it takes them a while. The silly poles bolted to the street are constantly run down. They make no sense as fire engines and trucks alike need to run them down to get down the street. No one is using these streets any differently like the rest of the country. Useless government program and we bought into it at a time in our country when we are in financial trouble it is such a waste to take this money and waste it this way. They even put these horses in front of one way streets where cars exit. How smart is that? I see in Cambridge the same problem. Following internet sites it is the same all over the country. It is a useless wasteful spending of money for nothing. If we are going to spend money on things at least let it be something with a purpose and useful. And while we are talking about useless we still have for over a year now those poles used for making the unused bicycle lane that stops people with disabilities from going to the businesses there and makes it hard for them to get in and out of their housing. The ones where the ADA sent a letter to the city about them. All of which are ignored. Mostly because these are hard working small businesses which the city seems determined to destroy. One of the very few things the city does well. Not just there but around the city. Other businesses have had their parking taken after they opened up. Not before mind you. We have a mayor not working for the taxpayers of Somerville. We have a traffic person Brad Rawson who is part of the problem here who should be replaced by someone with experience with traffic and stop ruining our city. The council we can forget about. We had one person on the council who cared and tried to help and she had to leave so now we have none. Not one person on that council speaks up or tries to work for the taxpayers. You would not know they are supposed to work for us by the way they do things. The only thing that makes sense is they have a cushy job not doing anything and getting paid for it. They should be home not getting paid and know what it’s like in the real world if they are going to continue not working for us.

One thought on “Shared Streets, Silly and Wasteful Somerville at it’s Best”

  1. Stephanie Hirsch will be missed. I think she finally got the memo. The council, for the most part is beholden to the evil dictator mayor. The monied liberal ilk want their bike lanes at all costs and there is probably another useless yuppie organization in the pipelines funding it. It’s a war on cars, working class residents, and anything that resembles family values. I believe Stephanie did her best to make a difference. The biggest problem I saw in her case, was she lived in Union Square which is about to bulldozed. She must know what’s coming. None of it good for the working class. This city has become a safe haven for degenerates from the burbs. Their parents kicked them all out of the basements and dropped them on our curbs. If you attended any meetings on housing, you would see them. Most appeared unshaven, unclean and broke, looking for handouts — rent controlled apartments, reduced condos and grant funded business ventures. How is that working for them so far? “Just get your ballot ready and vote”….that’s the only reason they are here.

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