12 Somerville Police Officers Blacklisted by Marian Ryan


District Attorney Marian Ryan’s Brady List of Untrustworthy Police Officers

Twelve of One Hundred and Seventeen from Somerville

Special to Somerville News Weekly by Joe Viglione

Out of the 117 police officers deemed untrustworthy by the office of Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan, a dozen are from the city of Somerville.

Alphabetically they are: Michael Ameral, Henry Diaz, Dante DiFronzo, Paul Duffy, Marcos Freitas, Gravin Guillen, Yvon Jean-Jacques, Michael Kiely, Michael McGrath, Michael Silva, Samuel Stanford and John Vozella. The good news for Somerville – if you want to call it that, is that Medford has 30 blacklisted officers of the law, the State Police have 13, the city of Lowell has 13, Somerville is only fourth on the list with Framingham being number five with five.

Now we could go into each and every specific case as to why these individuals were deemed dishonest enough to be blacklisted, but the key here for every citizen is your rights if you are given a ticket – a moving violation – or are in any other way engaging with these officers in a manner that you believe is not proper. If one of these “dirty dozen” give you a ticket for speeding, can they show up in court and testify against you? Your lawyer – most likely – could have a field day.

So what are the implications of a government employee being on the Brady list? Keep in mind that this journalist is not a lawyer, I’m merely quoting information found on the internet and would be pleased for any lawyers reading this to give us their opinion and advice on how the public can use the Brady list for legal protection.

Let’s look at some of the information on the Brady vs Maryland lawsuit from Wikipedia:
Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 (1963), was a landmark United States Supreme Court case that established that the prosecution must turn over all evidence that might exonerate the defendant (exculpatory evidence) to the defense.[1]:4 The prosecution failed to do so for Brady and he was convicted. Brady challenged his conviction, arguing it had been contrary to the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brady_v._Maryland

A defendant’s request for “Brady disclosure” refers to the holding of the Brady case, and the numerous state and federal cases that interpret its requirement that the prosecution disclose material exculpatory evidence to the defense. Exculpatory evidence is “material” if “there is a reasonable probability that his conviction or sentence would have been different had these materials been disclosed.”[4] Brady evidence includes statements of witnesses or physical evidence that conflicts with the prosecution’s witnesses[5] and evidence that could allow the defense to impeach the credibility of a prosecution witness.[6]

Police officers who have been dishonest are sometimes referred to as “Brady cops”. Because of the Brady ruling, prosecutors are required to notify defendants and their attorneys whenever a law enforcement official involved in their case has a confirmed record of knowingly lying in an official capacity.[7]

What are the repercussions for these dishonest officers who took an oath to serve and protect?

There’s a national site called Brady Cops.org http://bradycops.org/ “Exposing the Rotten Apples within America’s Law Enforcement Agencies” – their site asks and answers: WHAT ARE BRADY COPS?
Scroll Down To Review “In 1963, the United States Supreme Court made a landmark decision in Brady v. Maryland 373 U.S. 83. The decision’s main focus was regarding exculpatory evidence in criminal prosecutions. Exculpatory evidence is evidence that tends to be favorable to the criminal defendant.

Sometimes, it is the police officer that has a history of dishonesty, which will mandate a Brady disclosure. These police officers with credibility problems are referred to as “Brady cops”.

The prosecutors that do develop a Brady list will usually reach out to their local police agencies’ internal affairs sections requesting sustained internal affairs investigations that call into question the credibility of those identified police officers. Surprisingly, many prosecutors do NOT develop or maintain a Brady list within their jurisdiction. In failing to do so, it’s left to speculation on how these prosecutors fulfill their reporting obligations under the Brady ruling.

Therefore, BradyCops.Org has a two prong purpose. We intend to build a nationwide database which contains as many of these Brady lists as we can secure. Further, we (BradyCops.Org) will identify those prosecutorial jurisdictions that have NOT developed or maintained a Brady list.
The above-referenced BradyCops.org has a link to a San Diego Times Union article By JEFF MCDONALD
JULY 26, 2014 11:31 AM https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/watchdog/sdut-da-secret-brady-list-bad-cops-2014jul26-htmlstory.html

District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis keeps a list of law enforcement officers that her prosecutors do not trust as witnesses in criminal trials, and the office will not say how many people are on the list or which agencies employ them.

The so-called Brady Index is a closely guarded secret that includes officers and deputies with a track record of lying or other misconduct that could undermine credibility on the witness stand.
Thus, our Freedom of Information Act public records request obtained for Somerville readers information that is not out there in the public domain…until now!

Does it mean if you get a ticket for a moving violation that you can bring up the officer’s history to the court? Ask a lawyer, but one thing is for certain, if it is your word against a Brady cop’s word – someone who took an oath of office and is expected to be held to the highest of standards, this regular person (I am NOT a lawyer) likes the odds.
This writer lived in Somerville from 1954 to 1963 and went to St. Clements grades 1-3 before moving on to Arlington. A lot has changed in those fifty plus some odd years. It was a kinder, gentler time, George H. W. Bush, indeed. But maybe that’s because we didn’t know of such things as a “Brady List.” Maybe things were going on that the media didn’t publish back in the day? It is your civil rights at play here.

Most citizens don’t even know about the Somerville Charter, Do people even know that there is a document governing the city of Somerville, a Commonwealth of Massachusetts Constitution along with the national Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution and its various amendments? These are your rights, people! Read and learn!

Massachusetts Constitution

Mayor Curtatone’s Someville Website has ordinances, but I cannot readily find the Somerville Charter

perhaps that’s a story for another day.


You may ask yourself – Are there more than 117 people on the “Brady List” in Massachusetts? The 117 we have in these documents are only 1/14th.

According to Wikipedia there are 14 counties in Massachusetts. Massachusetts has ended eight of its fourteen county governments. This leaves five counties with county-level local government (Barnstable, Bristol, Dukes, Norfolk, Plymouth) and one, Nantucket County, with combined county/city government. We can obtain the names of all of the government officials on these Brady lists from each and every country. As this is Somerville I have started with the Middlesex County Brady list.

Clearly, there is much more to this story. The investigation continues.



Joe Viglione
P.O. Box 2392
Woburn MA 01888


52 thoughts on “12 Somerville Police Officers Blacklisted by Marian Ryan”

  1. Do they have a chance to get off these lists if their conduct improves ?? Or are they just deemed bad for the rest of their careers ?? I believe everyone should get a 2nd chance no one is perfect

  2. I think the list lasts for 7 years. The DA’s office gave me from Feb 2013 to Feb 10, 2020. I will ask. Good question.

    1. This is dangerous to put out there. Leave it up to the courts, defense and prosecutors. These officers could have just violated a department policy that does not even come close to being put on a Brady list. Some criminals will take advantage and continue to do violent crimes and get off. Then do something more dangerous! The prosecutors and defense have these lists making it public makes citizens and officers at risk. The courts know how to distinguish if the reason the officer has a Brady letter is pertinent to the case. But publishing this list is putting citizens and cops at risk from criminals who may be violent. I understand about freedom of speech but this is not ok to publish this so people can just hate more on the cops.

      1. One of the police officers on the list lied about a murder at his home. In the USA, if you don’t have a lot of money for a superb attorney the police, the prosecutors and the courts will have a field day. That you do not post your name makes me wonder how much you really believe what you are saying. I post my name and stand by my reporting. It is essential in a free society. The publishing of the list is a public service that comes at great personal risk to me.

        1. That’s just one of them. Publishing my name would put me at great risk. If you know that about one person do you know the circumstances of others on this list? Let’s look at you are there things in your life you wouldn’t want published for the world to see. You do not have a stellar background either. You seem to have a lot of issues with many people. All I am saying is that it is dangerous putting this out there. You have the opinion that all cops are corrupt when that is so not true. It makes it difficult to keep citizens safe.

          1. Your comment lacks integrity. It is pure cowardice to post anonymously and hurl insults. As a whistle blower yer damn straight people have issues with me, but I can sleep at night because I do what I believe is right. I sign my name, you don’t. You have zero credibility throwing rocks and IF you are on the Brady List it is obvious to me that you belong there. It takes courage to put one’s name on a document when fighting FOR the people. You, sir or madame, have zero courage and few would take an anonymous poster seriously.

            1. The police fight for the people and help them even when no one likes them. Just because you feel you have been wronged in the past doesn’t mean you try to wrong everyone else. No I am not on a Brady list but I support the police 110%. With people trying to bash them all the time they still come out to protect and serve. I have more integrity in my little finger than you ever will. Like I said I disagree with you putting this out there and I think it is dangerous. I disagree with you but that doesn’t make me wrong. That is my right to freedom of speech!

              1. You have no integrity claiming so “anonymously.” You can claim it over and over again, but with no name you reveal yourself to be a person with low moral standards, false bravado and ignorant. I’ll meet you on camera in a public place and debate this: city council, court of law, school committee? ANYONE can make false claims behind the wall of anonymity and make pathetic excuses for why they believe they have more integrity blah blah blah and that they support the police 110% but that’s just the rantings of a ghost too morally bankrupt to sign her or his name and meet with someone for a debate. “more integrity in your little finger” when you have no bravery, no courage and no ability to sign your name and tell us how wonderful you really are. You cannot because you probably have a rap sheet a mile long. Sign your name or just shut up.

                1. Stifling my freedom of speech! Nice job! I have an opinion and I shared it. You don’t like it because it is different from yours. Hurling insults? You are doing the same thing you accuse me of! So laughable.

                  1. I actually have articles on other topics to write today so you can have the last word. Caution though: yelling at your mirror is not the action of a smart person. Be well.

          2. I Challenge “anonymous” Feb 16, 2020 to post her or his real name. Having interviewed over a thousand personalities on my television and radio shows, having “anonymous” people too lacking in courage to say who they are throw rocks, one realizes the importance of integrity. I’m proud of my stellar background fighting for public access rights, helping out people and homeless animals. Doing the right thing. Yes, publishing my name has put me at GREAT RISK, but if one has a stellar background, integrity and courage, they sign their name and put up with an obvious loser who has to sign “anonymous” to their fact-less position. You want to cast aspersions anonymously because if you signed your name it would put your REPUTATION at great risk, not your life. Be honest about it. Now, back to the Brady list – an attorney has an interesting article on the web: Eleven years later Chief Justice Burger, writing for the majority in Giglio v. United States, said, “When the reliability of a given witness may well be determinative of guilt or innocence, nondisclosure of evidence affecting credibility falls within this general rule.” The general rule he was referring to was exculpatory disclosure announced in Brady v. Maryland. https://www.policeone.com/legal/articles/dont-destroy-your-career-the-brady-list-and-the-ruinous-impact-of-a-lie-N8hzrj6qsZxZZPbe/

            1. Because you do not know the exact circumstance of each one of those officers and they have a blanket Brady letter, you assume they have lied about evidence and in reports. That may be for some and not for the majority. Some of those names the officers are not working anymore. Unless you know each and everyone’s story you shouldn’t be judging. Maybe as you say there is corruption everywhere, maybe these officers were unfairly given a Brady letter. You do not know that either! Maybe some are fighting to get their name cleared. You do not know. I still stand by the fact this shouldn’t be publicized. My name makes no difference in this whole thing. Just because you publicize your name doesn’t mean you are right and I am wrong!

              1. FYI – will respond to “anonymous” to the best of my ability to help the public out here: The city of Medford attempted to hide the L’Italien Report which is what led to 27 officers getting on the Brady list. In unison, the Medford Chief of Police (Jack Buckley,) the now retired city solicitor (as of last month) and five of the seven city councilors tried to shield the public from this information falsely claiming “personnel” issue. I fought very hard to get the list so that the public would know they were being bamboozled by the chief, the solicitor and a majority of the council. I then asked for the entire Middlesex Brady List and we now have it. I do not know any of the Somerville officers so this is hardly a personal vendetta or anything of the sort. The intent was to expose the Medford solicitor, chief of police and certain councilors for the alleged fraud they were perpetrating on the citizens of Medford. The Somerville Brady list was a by product of that investigation. When 30 of 116 or so officers in Medford are on a Brady List it is more than a quarter of the force. I am (or was, perhaps) friendly was some on the Medford Brady list. I did not know the guys I was friendly with would end up on the list, nor will I discriminate by air-brushing out fellows that I get along with. So stop assuming things you have no idea about. I hardly feel “wronged” by Somerville officers as I haven’t lived in Somerville since 1963. Truly…I’m just a hard-working guy helping out the Medford community which is dealing with a terrible situation in regards to unethical situations in city government. This is no personal vendetta against Somerville officers as I have no dog in that race.

                1. You may not have a vendetta against Somerville , but you do against Medford. Possibly because you felt you were wronged by the whole TV 3 stuff. You have gone after many city officials in the past. And I believe you will go after any official in Medford. You are airbrushing all of them on the list without knowing each officers circumstance. So because you were “friendly” with some and didn’t think they would end up on a Brady list do you paint them with the same brush as the one who lied about a murder? There are 2 sides to every story and you just want to paint one side. I still think this shouldn’t have been published.

                  1. Sheesh Mr Anonymous with imagination running wild while sitting in the anonymous cheap seats. Yaaaawn. Medford Housing, TV3, bad superintendents in school system. Anonymous posters. There are about two dozen of us fighting the good fight. So Anonymous is wrong again. Just pissed off that he’s on the Brady list and blaming me for that too. No, sir, you did that one all by yourself. You are projecting and it is quite sad. We will pray for you

      2. I stand by my reporting. Without publishing this information the public is at a disadvantage. Too much corruption in the courts, with prosecutors filing false charges, and with police officers not holding themselves to the highest of standards. If you really believed in what you are writing you would publish your real name. I do.

  3. This is dangerous to put out there. Leave it up to the courts, defense and prosecutors. These officers could have just violated a department policy that does not even come close to being put on a Brady list. Some criminals will take advantage and continue to do violent crimes and get off. Then do something more dangerous! The prosecutors and defense have these lists making it public makes citizens and officers at risk.

  4. You have no idea what has gone on with dirty cops over the years… You can go back to the 70’s and beyond…

    I’m not talking about false testimony or lying…

    I’m talking about SERIOUS CRIME…

    It was just as much of the departments and city or town halls that were complacent in these situations as well as the highest level of government at the state level and state agencies.

    What’s ironic is there are names of people who were from the past who’s sons or grandson’s names are on the list.

    How ironic is that?

    I’ve been gone for many, many years now… some things change and somethings are the same.

    Yes there are a few bad apples or crooked cops, like crooked attorneys, crooked judges, crooked DA’s… I had a State Attorney who covered up a sexual battery of a 6 year old boy by several priests… You’d be amazed where she ended up.

    Let’s condemn the bad one’s and praise the good one’s especially those who make the ultimate sacrifice…

    But, do not paint either side with the same brush.


  5. You wish. You struck no nerve, you are just annoying me as I’m trying to watch a re-run of Law & Order SVU – they probably based it on your wrongful conduct. Again – our “crew” of about 2 dozen clean up all sorts of messes in Medford, not just the creepy officials. DPW, cops, TV3, the high school, the MBTA, your anonymous position is because you want to create a false narrative. A variety of different citizens show up at the city council, we express our grievances …grow up. Now can I please get back to my TV show or are you THAT lonely that you need someone to chat with and want me to hold your hand. Isn’t there a bar where you can go drink yourself into oblivion because you got yourself on the Brady list? Clearly I have struck a nerve and you don’t want me to see my TV show.

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