Somerville Speakup Line: Bus/bike lane is a ridiculous idea that doesn’t work

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

Bus/bike lane is a ridiculous idea that doesn’t work. Seriously, much of the overflow traffic has diverted to Heath and Medford sts. Two areas where you have kids going to and from school, the odds are higher for pedestrian accidents. Who is held accountable for that? Take a look at the traffic backed up on Temple st and Mystic ave. And finally, three busses in traffic at 8am on Cedar street between the bridge and Broadway, really an advantage huh?

A city in shambles really. 35% of business has been lost in Ball Square because of the bridge closure. Was Mayor joe aware that the signs stated Broadway closed at Ball Square? Perhaps indicating the bridge was closed instead would have been a better idea. In one way doing this all at once is a better idea, however, proper planning could have been better, especially for emergency services. BTW, the appropriation of Dilboy field, the skating rink and the new High School was done for obvious reasons!

Change is needed in Somerville government. Our current leader has and continues to line his pockets with kickbacks. A man with a poker face that says he wants to hear what the public has to say, knowing that any deal he talks about, is a done deal, complete waste of time. I don’t know Marianne Welles all that well, and I truly believe it’s time for change. Let’s give her a chance!


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