2 thoughts on “Elect Marianne Walles Mayor of Somerville Nov 5th”

  1. I can tell you voting for her is a no brainer. I just started talking to her and I can tell you one thing, her campaign does her no justice. There are just too many subjects to talk about and she can’t get it all out there for everyone to understand. I didn’t think much of her when she started after meeting her a couple of times and emailing her I am hoping she will get in so we can have someone working for the people of the city.

  2. Change is needed in Somerville government. Our current leader has and continues to line his pockets with kickbacks. A man with a poker face that says he wants to hear what the public has to say, knowing that any deal he talks about, is a done deal, complete waste of time. I don’t know Marianne Welles all that well, and I truly believe it’s time for change. Let’s give her a chance!

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