Somerville Prevention Conducts Annual “Compliance Checks” at Local Liquor Retailers

Somerville youth conduct compliance checks as part of prevention, enforcement strategies.

SOMERVILLE – Somerville Prevention Services, a division of the Somerville Health and Human Services Department, announces its annual compliance checks for 2019-2020. The compliance checks, to be completed at all licensed Somerville liquor outlets, will take place from October 2019 through October 2020, conducted by the Somerville Police Department & Somerville Prevention Services. Compliance checks are part of the program’s ongoing effort to assess how Somerville establishments do in regards to preventing underage sales to minors, and an education about the risks associated with substance use at an early age.

As part of the compliance checks, Somerville youth employed by Somerville Prevention Services will receive training by the Somerville Police Department, and will be accompanied by Somerville Police officers for the checks. Somerville Prevention and Police Department teams will focus on package stores, bars, and restaurants that have “all-forms” liquor licenses.

“Limiting youth access to alcohol begins at the point of sale,” said Matthew Mitchell, the City of Somerville’s Prevention Services Manager. “We will continue to look into how we can best ensure compliance is maintained and sustained each year. In conjunction with the community, we hope to continue our successful campaigns against youth drug and alcohol use as mindfully as possible; ensuring youth don’t have easy access to alcohol.”

Somerville Prevention Services is a community-based coalition supported by the City of Somerville’s Health and Human Services Department. Somerville Prevention’s mission is to reduce substance abuse among the residents of Somerville, as well as the harms associated with such use. To learn more about Somerville Prevention or to become involved, please contact Matthew Mitchell at, or (617) 625-6600 ext. 2570.

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