Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Amador VASQUEZ (Unarmed Burglary)

On Wednesday, June 26 2019, I, Officer Jorge Morel, was working patrol in marked cruiser (East-1) during the 12am-8am shift. At approximately 12:35 am, over a half hour after the sunset, Officer (David Ruf) (E-4) and I responded to a report of a Breaking and Entering in progress at X Brooks Street Floor #X. Shortly after, dispatch updated us that the reporting party observed a Hispanic male wearing cargo shorts and a red sweatshirt inside the dwelling.

Upon arrival, I observed Officer Ruff walking towards X Brooks street main entrance, when a male that matched the description, later identified as Amador Vasquez, was walking out of the house while using his cell phone light to illuminate his path. Officer Ruf ordered Mr. Vasquez to lay flat on the ground which he did not comply. Officer Ruf escorted Mr. Vasquez to the ground and place handcuff on him and read him his Miranda’s rights from a card. A pat frisk of Mr. Vasquez yielded no weapons. See Officer Ruf supplemental report incident (#19035909-2).

Shortly after, Officer Joe Moreira (East-2) and Officer Michael Cleary (East-3) arrived as back-up. Officer Moreira and I made our way into the second floor of the house. There was 3 set of doors that we had to walk through before accessing the stairs that led into the second floor, where the reporting party was located. After walking up the stairs Officers observed a long piece of wood on the ground that belonged to door frame, ripped off, as well as the latch on the door handle was broken too. Officers spoke to the two occupants of X Brooks St Floor #X, XXXX and XXXX. Ms. XXXX told Officers that she heard a loud noise coming from the 2nd floor entrance. When Ms. XXXX left her room to check the noise, she observed Mr. Vasquez standing inside the house pass the door entrance. Ms. XXXX screamed at Mr. Vazquez and told him to leave. Ms. XXXX told Officers that Mr. Vazquez said that he was looking for his brother. Ms. XXXX ran back to her room in the 3rd floor. Ms. XXXX told Officers that she heard the loud noise as well. She met with Ms. XXXX in the 3rd floor after her encounter, locked the door to her bedroom and called 911.

Ms. XXXX and Ms. XXXX confirmed that there was nothing of value missing from their apartment, and that they had no injuries from the incident. While Officer Moreira and I exited the house, we observed debris of a foot print on the two of the doors in the first level of the house and if they were kick.

Mr. Vasquez was placed under arrest and traported to the police station on unit #200 operated by Officer Nick Moreira. Mr Vasquez was booked by Lieutenant Lavey in the usual manner.

I will be adding digital photo of the broken door and the footprint.

I will be filling the following charges against Mr. Vasquez;
-C.H.266 /S.15 Burglary Unarmed

Respectfully submitted;

Officer Jorge Morel
Badge #356

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